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  1. Patrick - it is my prototype and could easily be improved upon. It consists of two pieces of leather belt sewn together. To make it stiffer I put a piece of old plastic credit card in between. The underneath leather is cut to make a flap that slips under the strap. It seems to stay in place but it would be just as easy to make an arrangement whereby the strap threaded through it with no flap. Having made it I felt I needed more height so cut up a piece of rubber and taped it over with insulating tape - I told you it's a prototype!!
  2. Bruce - It cost nothing to make, slips on and off the strap so another can play, does no damage to the instrument and doesn't look out of place.. A bonus point is that the pain in my thumb is going!
  3. I am attempting to upload some photos of my prototype lever. Not sure I've succeeded?? P1000992.JPG - Shortcut.zip P1000993.JPG - Shortcut.zip
  4. Thanks for the replies. My prototype is made of leather and plastic, and slips over the strap, so does not damage the wood. Very interested in what I've seen so will be refining my efforts. Thanks again.
  5. Whilst playing I cannot reach the breathe button to adjust the bellows. I have constructed a leather 'bridge' to help me out but I am sure I can't be alone with this problem. Is there is a known solution please?
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