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  1. I have enjoyed a Connor for many years. I recently sent it to Greg Jowais for a tuning, but it has been fine. As someone who has seen lots of concertinas, you might contact him and see if his work on any Conners that have passed through his shop have lead him to an opinion. As for the hybrids: You need to decide on your budget and the sound you want. I know a lot of folks need to start on hybrids due to budget. But you need to remember you will be playing an instrument with accordion reeds. So you will sound like you are playing a small accordion, often a very nice small accordion, but still accordion like. Lots of folks are happy with that. But I was enamored with the true concertina sound. When I first started I got an ebay stagi for a couple of hundred bucks to see if I liked playing the instrument as much as I liked to listen to it, (but it sounds like you are past that stage) and then got in touch with Chris Alger at Barleycorn concertina and bought a Conner, one of his with recycled old reeds. Opinions vary on the Conners, but I got a nice one. It has a true concertina sound. They sometimes have used Conners on Hobgoblin UK. But if you have one in a shop nearby I'd definitely give that a good hard look. I am also hearing great things about the 7mount concertinas. The website has a number of sound samples of instruments in Bb so it throws your ears off for a minute, but there are also samples of C/Gs.Edel Fox and Laim O'brien have played their instruments on for demonstration. I contacted them in the beginning of the summer and he had a 14 month wait list. Edgley is making a heritage model with concertina reeds. One was for sale on this site last year for $2,000. And the Irish Concertina company is making a model called The Vintage also with concertina reeds. I have never touched any of the three mentioned above, but am putting the info out there. Greg Jowais has often put vintage lachenals up for sale in the buy and sell forum on this site. (His instruments will hold their value because of his reputation as an excellent repair person.) If you don't have a need for lightning speed their sound may appeal to you. He knows the value of the various qualities of Lachenals and prices them accordingly. And he is selling instruments he has refurbished well. If you are in love with the true concertina sound and you develop a need for speed you may need to save up some coin. A good maker has a waiting list anyway so it is an opportunity to hide something under the mattress so to speak. Good luck on your search.

  2. Thanks for the sound clip. You sound nice and so does the concertina. I'm gonna have to think about this one. I play a Conner wheatstone and need to figure out if I'm going to miss the G and A on the right pointer. Friends that have the Jeffries systems swear by them.

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