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  1. Hi Canary Bird! nice to see a concertina player that lives in the Canary Islands! Where are you based? I live in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and I play the English system concertina. Fernando

  2. Living in a flat in the Canary Islands means we have very limited space to own the tools to make our own clam shell case as we'd desire, so our regular place to store our concertina and harmonicas is our new repurposed chest/stool. The unfinished chest was 15Euros from Leroy Merlin. I sanded & stained it, added better hardware, added bracing inside the structure to make it possible to sit on, feet for it to sit on when placed with concertina inside and feet on the side for when using it as a stool ... and of course some customization with pictures on the inside lid and on the bottom that is visible when used as a stool. We added metal loops on the inside, so that shoulder straps could pass through the hand holds to be able to carry it. We just need foam or padding for the inside.
  3. I have just happily purchased and acquired a Marcus G/D. It is great! I had the opportunity to pick it up at Marcus' shop a few weeks ago and one son, my wife & I are fighting for playing time! I would repeat this purchase from Marcus again!
  4. Thanks for all your input on the case ... motorcycles ... I'm a classic Vespa guy. Long story made short, the souk workers said it was too short of time (Friday afternoon until Sunday evening) as the Souk in Agadir closes on Monday. One was quoting me around 400Euros to do and even if I bargained him down to 100 Euros ... and of course we were talking Dirham currency in the discussion if someone though we were talking Euros ... I was thinking that I could do it myself for less in wood and with leather accents. ... that will now be my plan. I looked in the souk for bags that could be tweaked as case in some way and didn't come successful. Thanks soo much for your help as I will be able to make a better case now.
  5. Thanks for the good thoughts! I am thinking of seeing if a wood worker in the souk too who maybe could do a clam shell wood case ... and covered in leather would be great ... but never seen an all leather clam shell case? I have some images of things I've seen in clam shell design, but not knowledgable enough to know how to attach them to this reply without creating a new post.
  6. Marcus Music has given me the dimensions of their anglo concertina (to get in July) and I will be in Morocco this weekend to request a leather worker to make a case for it. Looking at many great designs & great input from all, I added ... 2cm+ space on all sides (for padding & shrinkage), can be carried by hand or shoulder, sits on its side (not ends), opens from ends, etc., etc. DESIGN FLAWS? Ugly? ... before I try to get a bag like this made? Any ideas greatly appreciated.
  7. Thank you for all this great input! ... this really helps! Yes, I will send photos with the completed project. I am thinking that I might try to have a couple case designs made and use/keep the one that I like and sell the other or keep to for the future for another instrument. Thank you again for this help!
  8. Thanks Nigel! Yes, I agree that leather and natural materials have a feel & look that matches the "concertina aura" of a hand built instrument.
  9. Nigel, your case is beautiful! I love the idea of the silk scarf. Could I ask, ~ do you feel like the "zipper round side closure" & connection for shoulder strap is a system that works? Holds up to the weight/stress? ~ how many centimeters on the sides (maybe from like the corners) is there from the actual leather to allow for padding? ~ how many centimeters from the top & bottom are padding? ~ do you think it has the right amount of space for padding, but not to make the case too big? I would anticipate more space for padding/protection will be better than too little, but just wanted to get an idea. THANK YOU for any thoughts that you might have!
  10. Any tips on measuring, design, blueprints for case? I am going to be taking measurements of Marcus Butler’s Anglo G/D standard concertina that is here right now in the Islands. I will be in North Africa in April and there are leather workers there who will take on a project like a bag or case and complete it in a couple days. They obviously have a different market price for these types of projects … that would better be in my price range. I love these beautiful cases that have been in threads or internet (see below). I initially am considering it to be round/cylindrical or hexagon, load from the side, have a carrying handle and a shoulder strap. … using snaps or/and zippers? … but maybe square or hexagon. I think the cylindrical/hexagonal is esthetically more beautiful. Any tips on measuring the case to allow for some foam to go around interior of the case? Design ideas for a blueprints for case? … something else that I should consider that I am not even taking into consideration? I would greatly appreciate any ideas or thoughts that you might have! Thank you!!
  11. Thank you all so much for this confirmation & explanation! Marcus is a nice, easy going, friendly sort of guy. It is such a pity that I didn't get a picture of him & his wife (both at the 80 year mark) with their concertinas. I hope to get some video or photos of them playing at a pub event or on a beach promenade. Oh, he said that 90% of his concertinas go to Ireland (only 3 concertinas or so to Wales), 1 in 50 of his anglos is a g/d ... and he has produced 800+ concertinas up to this point.
  12. I am enjoying a visit of Marcus Butler from Marcus Music here in Tenerife right now. He brought a few concertinas with him, and after hearing him play them and “messing about” with them myself, I enjoy the G/D much more. With the G/D concertina, Marcus says to just play through tutorials with the same buttons indicated by the instructions given for the c/g. Has anyone actually done this to move from point zero to “intermediate player”… use basic tutorials, videos, etc. for the c/g instrument to learn anglo that is G/D Wheatstone layout? I would greatly appreciate any ideas or thoughts that you have! Thank you!
  13. Has anyone had the opportunity to play both the Marcus Standard anglo c/g and the The Clare from Irish Concertina Co. in order to compare them? The both look like fine instruments and in the same market range for price/quality. The Marcus has 7 bellows and you can get it with stainless steel ends, while The Clare lists 6 bellows and hard case. http://www.marcusmusic.co.uk/concertinas.html http://www.theirishconcertinacompany.com/products//the-clare/ Any thoughts or input before I buy would be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!
  14. Thanks for this great input! I sure appreciate it! Tracking on the internet, you tube, etc. I have not seen any using a c/g Anglo for German tunes.
  15. Hello to all! I am really enjoying and learning soooo much from this very informative & lively forum with lots of perspectives and years of experience behind what is written. I am a harmonica player and ready to launch out in learning a free reed instrument with bellows. The C/G Anglo seems like it could be my best bet (for learning, resources available, Irish tunes that I love), but I don't want to give up those German tunes that I play on my harmonicas. Anyone playing German folk tunes on a C/G Anglo? THANK YOU for any ideas or thoughts that you might have.
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