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  1. thanks for all the responses! well spotted sean! my bad - so when truing to add the air hole to the diagram I think I must have picked it up the wrong way round… oops! sorry! air hole is right thumb - highest note right hand pinky aybee - i've gone back to the keyboard to have another listen. If we're looking at the same key (left hand pinky with the arrow pointing to it on my diagram) its definitely a low D (octave below middle c) on the push and a step up to the B♭ just below middle c on the pull) i'm liking the idea its a tone lower - If I want to hum along to myself, baritone who struggles with the high notes! thank you everyone, will amend my diagram with Don's advice re duplicate notes to have a somewhat more working note map! am I right in thinking that the first key of the left hand middle row tells us the tuning for the instrument? (sorry this is definitely day 1 teaching & learning stuff!)
  2. hello concertina.net so I seem to have acquired an anglo... I'm not very musical - no tunes yet but practising! As its now in my care I'd like to know it better. I was wondering if I might beg the collective wisdom and ask a basic question - can anybody help identify what key this is in? I can't seem to match it up with the fingering layouts I've found on google images. I've attached a photograph of the notes I could identify below. Thank you very much to any passers-by who might stop to share a little knowledge.
  3. item is in kent weight is 1.7kg. Would anticipate that securely packaged would push it over 2kg - royal mail are quoting £14.85 before insurance. There are also cheaper courier services. still hunting the case key...!
  4. authentic attic-fresh photographs! excuse the dust and cobwebs... in need of a little refurbishment & TLC! case key (currently) missing best offers invited happy to answer questions / provide hi-res photographs. thank you
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