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  1. Thanks a lot! Although it must be a big harder in my case, because it's Moscow, Russia.
  2. Thank you all for your comments! 20-button Chinese boxes are out of the question now, definitely. However, now that I've read it all, and many related topics on the forums as well.... another problem begins to, em, rear its ugly head in a dirty bonnet. Maybe my decision was wrong from the start, and I should really get an English, as DickT suggested? Unfortunately, in this neck of the woods a concertina is as hard to find as a polar bear, so I have to rely on recordings. On the one hand, the trouble with my voice is its being -soft-. High, but not shrill, more lyrical and mellow, I'd say - and not exactly loud. So an English should suit me better, but... but on the other hand, I somehow managed to adapt this very voice to shanties. And shanties on an English... (But there's A. L. Lloyd, yes).
  3. So I finally made up my mind to get a squeezebox for song accompaniment. I've never played one before, so I figured out an Anglo would be the easiest choice for a folksy beginner. However, I'm still in doubt whether I should opt for a 20-button or a 30-button model. To be more precise: I'm aiming for good old folklore sound - think Peter Bellamy, A.L.Lloyd , Roy Harris etc., shanties, ballads and all that. Nothing fancy, just some basic accompaniment. Also, I'm a woman with a rather high-pitched voice, and I'm mostly planning to accompany myself but could do with a small band (say, a concertina, a tin whistle and two singers). What would you recommend? 20 or 30? Thank you very much in advance.
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