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    Folk music, history and other 'uncool' things! I play the English concertina, guitar and melodeon.
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    Sheffield, South Yorkshire

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  1. Hello Daniel, Congratulations on the retirement and the re-location to Norwich! It's a lovely part of the world. There's a good folk festival called Folk East that takes place in August. It's at Glemham Hall, not a million miles away from Norwich. Good sessions, and (last year) workshops from both both Squeeze East and Rob Harbron. Might be of interest to you. Best wishes, Chris
  2. Dave, thank you so much for this! A pretty comprehensive summary of the dos and don'ts and more than I'd expected anyone to reply with. Greatly appreciated. I'm looking forward to experimenting with No.25 but will be sure this is with the full consent of the driver / other passengers otherwise I'm concerned they may also cause damage to the concertina! Thanks very much, Chris
  3. Thanks everybody! That's really helpful. I'm new to owning and playing a concertina so forums like this are a great place to benefit from the wealth of experience you've all built up!
  4. Hello, Following on from the recent discussion about cases and the advice that it is apparently best to store your concertina on its side rather than on its end (something I didn’t know), I was wondering what other advice and tips people had for just general care, maintenance, storage, cleaning of concertinas. Chris
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