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  1. Hi all, Just putting the word out about the debut album from Edinburgh folk duo 'Rakish', of which I am one half - there's plenty of concertina on it for you squeezebox fanatics. rakishsongs.bandcamp.com
  2. Hi all, I have a student who has just begun on the concertina (anglo c/g) - she's been playing a Wren she bought from McNeela Music up until now, but she's had to send it back twice after reed failures, or, bizarrely, certain reeds not being in there at all! I thought it might be best for her to return the Wren for good and get something slightly better - maybe a lower end Lachenal or something. Her budget is probably around £1000. Anything out there?
  3. Hi all, I have a buzzing reed on my 38-button C/G Jeffries. Middle Bb on the pull i.e. first finger, outside row. I've tried the usual tricks of sliding stiff paper in and out and gently pulling it away from the reedpan - as far as I can tell, when I look from 'inside' the reedpan I can see light all around the reed so I guess it's not touching anywhere. But it's buzzing badly. Any ideas? Cheers K
  4. This concertina has now been sold elsewhere.
  5. This is now on Ebay: https://www.ebay.ie/itm/112767657144?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  6. Hello all, Following my recent acquisition of a Jeffries I am selling this Wheatstone I purchased from Ben in Toronto (via Ebay) a couple of years ago. It is in excellent condition as when I received it, in tune, with all the reeds sounding perfectly. The bellows are in mint condition. The rosewood ends give it a lovely tone which I have used for both Irish tunes and song accompaniment. It has been described by Chris Algar as an excellent example of the early post-WWII Wheatstone Anglo. I may add a sound file and/or take photos of the reedpans if anybody is interested. Asking price EUR2250, £2000 or equivalent.
  7. Aha - good tips everybody. I've always been advised that as I have a Jeffries with curved handrests it might be an even tighter squeeze! Well I'll see what I can dig up - I do a bit of leather work and like projects! I imagine if it has a handle up the side then the positioning should be fine for the concertina to be carried/sit on the ground with both ends.
  8. Hello all, I'm in search of one of those old leather concertina cases, used for Jeffries and the like. Thanks
  9. I have an excellent example of a mid-20th century Wheatstone (serial no. 52241) for sale, with rosewood ends and metal buttons. It is tuned to C/G, action, tuning, and general condition all very good. It has a mellow tone which has proven good for both Irish tunes and song accompaniment in my use of it, and I am only selling due to recent purchase of a Jeffries. I will post up photos when I get a chance, otherwise if anybody is interested to meet and try it out, I will be in Edinburgh for the next couple of days and then in Cork. Asking 2,250 euros, or £2,000.
  10. Hey, so I don't know much about these late Wheatstones, and I'm wondering whether it could serve as a upgrade from my (very decent) c. 1949 Wheatstone I bought from Ben a couple years ago. What is the action like on these? It looks like the reed pans are a bit less annoying than on my Wheatstone - the reeds just slide out like in good quality reedpans rather than being bunged in with clips. Anybody have any thoughts? In my kind of simplistic idea of Wheatstone production I have the impression that earlier is better but it would be good to hear other opinions...
  11. Yeah, I would have thought..I don't know, maybe £3,000? or even less?
  12. Hello all, My anglo search is progressing...Not least because I've gotten in contact with John Dipper and may be joining the waiting list - unfortunately it looks like it's 4 years! But one can wait, and hope.. In the meantime, my search for a more immediate upgrade has been narrowing to 38-40 button anglos, wooden-ended, and higher quality than my current 1949 Wheatstone. I found this c. 1939 Wheatstone on Hobgoblin music's website, which is at their shop in London. Their asking price is £4,550 which seems to be a bit high for a Wheatstone but just wondering what all of you well-versed box-players/makers/dealers think? They might be flexible on price but it's a music shop so I imagine they'll be more on the rigid side of the spectrum... https://www.hobgoblin.com/local/sales/products/SHLO20350/wheatstone-40-key-cg-anglo-concertina-we-mb-6f-sr-cp-circa-1939-absolute-stunner-with-original-hard-c/ cheers for any opinions/advice... Magpie
  13. Hiya, I've been looking for a Dipper as well but I've been unable to get in touch with John via e-mail or phone over the past few weeks - any ideas?
  14. Hello, I posted a while ago on this forum - just another post to say I'm still looking for a 36-40 (or possibly more) button anglo concertina, preferably a Dipper, Suttner, Jeffries, or pre-WWII Wheatstone, i.e. something mid to high end but I'd consider anything really. I'm in Ireland so ideally I'd be able to see and play the concertina but would also consider stuff from Scotland, England, or Europe. Thanks, K
  15. Those are some very good points, thanks. I did e-mail the seller for photos of the inside but I wouldn't have thought about that all-important pitch! Well I'll hang back for the moment and see where it gets to.
  16. Any thoughts on this concertina? I'm considering bidding on it as it looks pretty good but might appreciate any other insights... http://www.ebay.ie/itm/Vintage-Antique-1915-JEFFRIES-Anglo-36-button-Concertina-Accordion-Music-case-/332388586695?
  17. Ach aye, he has some beautiful Jeffries as well! I've been down to Theo a couple times from Edinburgh to get stuff worked on. I'm just not really sure of a good solution in terms of wanting to play something first regarding Theo and Chris, short of making a special trip for it...
  18. Aye, there is actually. That 38 button Jeffries looks like about what I'm looking for, I think I'd just want to see what comes along though and definitely play something first - don't think I'll be making any trips over to Cheshire in the near future...
  19. Hello all, I currently play one of these South African Wheatstone 30b Anglos, which are fairly decent, but I'm looking for something with better action and more buttons. Dipper, Suttner, Jeffries, and the like - maybe certain Lachenals or Wheatstones which would be an upgrade from what I currently have as well. I suppose I would prefer to meet and play any potential concertinas so perhaps this ad is particularly relevant to sellers in Ireland and Scotland ( I live in Cork but travel between here and Edinburgh regularly), but open to hearing about stuff further afield. Thanks, Kayne
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