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  1. I have a Jeffries Brothers concertina Bb/F for sale.

    Please call me (John) on 07970350314.

    Now I appear to have posted the basic information (after some difficulty with this site) I will add a bit more.

    I have owned this lovely concertina since 1975, the year when I had Harry Crabb do extensive restoration on it including

    new bellows, re-tuning to modern pitch and a new case.

    Because this is such a fine instrument I would like anyone interested, to try it first and collect rather than trust it to any other method of delivery.

    I am in mid Essex but would be prepared to meet any serious purchaser half way if any great distance is involved.

    To fund the purchase of my new acquisition (a G/D Jeffries) I must insist on £4500.00.

    Best regards John.

    My email address is jcscreen@aol.com


  2. Jeffries Brothers 38 key Concertina in Bb/F for sale.

    Very good condition.

    I have owned this concertina since 1975, the year Harry Crabb did

    restoration work on it for me, including new bellows.

    Now selling to finance a G/D instrument.

    Mobile (John) 07970350314

    Or email jcscreen@aol.com


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