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    Acquiring and learning to play an English concertina, weaving and textile arts, fermentation - especially sourdough bread, managing 40 acres and several felines with my dearest husband.
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  1. @cboody: I downloaded Tunebook and it seems very functional. I also found an ABC version of The Beer Barrel Polka. My mom will get a kick out of hearing me play that tune. What can I say?! I'm from Wisconsin!
  2. @Bullethead Thanks for your encouragement! Just to clarify-my "overlay" thoughts related to the iPad and the concertina app (the screen needed button bumps)-just my weird sense of humor. @David Barnert I will try playing by ear. I know I will be quite pleased with myself if I have some small success at it --- it seems a bit magical in light of my current skill-state. Yes, writing things down is a necessary action, unfortunately. @RAc. You made me laugh! My concertina is now in hand and I'm very pleased with it, so I will start acting on all your thoughtful suggestions! Thank you!
  3. Thank you, Bullethead! "...sheet music that's black with 1/8 notes." - what a great phrase! I'll give those tunes a go soon. I need to explore ABC notation more; your summary makes that clear. Thanks for the link, I'll follow that soon! I have an ancient Mac notebook, but use my iPad daily so I'll look for an app....there must be one. I recently purchased forScore and I'm fumbling through it. Maybe it does ABC notation? I wish I could make it talk to iBooks where a number of music PDFs live on my device, but I suspect I'll have to expand my cloud storage (the name escapes me-argh) to provide more functionality to forScore. Just a day or four and I'll have real buttons at my disposal! Englitina app is great when you have nothing else, although I must confess to contemplating ways to make a button overlay with plastic wrap and Elmer's glue.
  4. That sounds like a very useful idea, Christine. There are errand days or trips that may have practicing replacing knitting or reading!
  5. Thank you, Daniel Bradbury and Hereward. I very much want to play and enjoy my concertina, so I will try incorporating each of your suggestions into my day. Trying out songs for "keepers" sounds fun! Thank you, John Wild.
  6. Thank you, Bruce. I should soon have a Lachenal to practice with via Greg Jowaisas and I've braced myself for the curve! Is an hour of practice daily a reasonable target? I wonder if I'll being working up to that as I'll probably be building some muscles. ~Angie
  7. I just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone on concertina.net and thank you for providing great information in the forums. I've been reading the forums, on and off, for a few months now, and I think I've only scratched the surface! However, you've all been instrumental in helping me decide on an English Concertina and I've begun my search for a nice, older, entry-level instrument, kind of like me. . The music theory course via the University of Edinburgh is proving to be quite interesting. Great recommendation! Several years of piano lessons a few decades ago may help me a bit, but I consider myself to be starting with a blank slate. I've got a room with a door to practice in, away from my dear spouse and the cats, which may preserve domestic harmony. (Fingers crossed.) I live north of Madison, Wisconsin and recently had contact with an Anglo player, so perhaps another English player will be near as well! Angie
  8. My formal musical training has been limited to several years of piano lessons as a teen in an unmusical family. I enjoyed the piano, but seeing and researching (thank you members of Concertina.net!) concertinas, I would like to give one a try. I'm drawn to the English layout and quite a bit of the music played with an English

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