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  1. Hi , I hope you can give me some advise. Im new to the concertina. I've been playing an Anglo c/g for about a year now. I play by Numbers using Dave Mallysons book and am taking lessons to learn to read music. I do not know of any other concertina players in my area. A number of tunes I can play by memorizing the buttons. If a were to buy a concertina in d/g, can I still use the same book and press buttons on the same place? Only the scale changes right? The button positions wont change, will they? Am I making any sense ? Regards
  2. Thanks for the reply Rob. Have lent an Anglo from a mate. Will see how this goes for a year or so. Regards, Ivanhoe
  3. Looking for a Anglo concertina, in good condition, with 40 keys in C/g. Prefferably a Wheatstone layout but I am willing to consider a Jeffries layout.
  4. I have been learning the Anglo concertina c/g for about a year now. I get some help from an accordion player. Soon I would like to upgrade to a forty button Anglo and am interested in playing Argentine tango's and Italian waltzes. Which key should the concertina be turned in (cg, dg or ad) and why? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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