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  1. Thanks to all for your responses, and for the sound clip, what a beautiful-sounding instrument. Guess I'll keep saving for that ESB and keep an eye out for a G/D Anglo.
  2. I'm new to the forum, but I signed on because I'm trying to figure out if there is an affordable and playable anglo baritone concertina on the market. I've been playing a Rochelle for long enough that I know I love playing, but that high pitch isn't good for me or my dogs. Tried a Jack (English) and love the lower tones, but I can tell I'll never be happy playing the English system. And, since the lowest notes on the Jack have pretty slow response, I'm guessing that I'll have to pay more to get an Anglo baritone with good response on the low notes. I'll never be a professional, but I've been playing music in various ways all of my life (lately, I play double bass bluegrass, country and folk music), and will play whatever good instrument I buy now probably forever. But realistically, it's all for fun, and some of the prices out there are not so much fun. Thanks for any suggestions!
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