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  1. Can any one guess what the tune could be I would like to play this at a party !!!!!!
  2. Thanks for the layout and chord structure layout will be very useful in my study of this great English concertina Ron
  3. Thanks Gary I will have a go ,had a look at the book and may buy it looks good. Ron
  4. Good day Philipp I have the mcneelamu wren its ok but might not last for a little bit more look at the Wolverton has good reports Ron
  5. Thanks for posting that is one of my favorite pieces Ron
  6. Thank you all for your comments clearly all have work to do,we loosely call it a band but in truth 12 of us get together one night a week to play a few tunes and have a bit of fun,there are two banjo players so I will try and get one to pick out the base. Ron
  7. Thinking of getting stomp box for my band we can't seem to stay with the beat any thoughts Ron
  8. All I can say is great I loved it let's have more . Ron
  9. I think it's the seller that has to pay fee Ron
  10. Just started to learn Anglo concertina and came across this great teaching book for Irish music,It has 47 tunes to learn and is very easy to understand written by Heather Greer. check it out Ron
  11. Thanks for all your help I will have another look you feel a bit nervous taking an old concertina apart. Ron
  12. Hi all I have an English concertina,opened it up to sort out a slow responding reed (e on right) this worked ok but next day the button below (a on right) started to have a sort of growl to it the note is sounding good but it has this strange noise,I have opened it up twice but can't see a problem any ideas please.Ron
  13. RonnyB

    Xmas Tunes

    Thanks Dave I shall have a go . Ron
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