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  1. Is it realistic to get a repair person to drop the left hand notes of a stagi hayden concertina by an octave? This would give some beefy basses, but would the bellows provide enough air to keep the instrument going? Has anyone tried this? A slightly different question - has anyone tried adapting a hayden so that there is no overlap between the two hands, also lowering the left hand tones to achieve this?
  2. Thank you all for your comments. It's a great thrill to have a message from our inventor - I didn't expect that at all!
  3. Hi guys. Perhaps you have already covered this topic, but if so I haven't been able to find it. So - when playing the natural or folk minor, what is the suggested fingering pattern? By natural or folk minor I mean, for example, A minor played by playing all the notes of the C scale but starting and finishing on A. I'm not defining minor keys in the same way that classical or jazz musicians do, here. I'm familiar with the usual advice for major keys on the Hayden - that is, we usually use three fingers on the first row, four on the second, and then move up and in to start again with the first finger. Sticking with this pattern we'd use the ring finger of the right hand on A, the little finger on B, and so on. Alternatively one could use the middle finger on the A, the ring finger on the B, which at first glance looks easier. Is there any advantage to the first pattern I mention here? Thank you for your trouble in answering. If this has already been covered and I have missed it then apologies. Perhaps someone could direct me to the correct topic.
  4. why can't I ask a question about minor Keys on the Hayden concetina?

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