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  1. My b flat has a third octave “e “ on the thumb button. Robert
  2. Anyway gentlemen...still want to know about my Jeffries 8 inch instrument.....still cannot find any reference to read about them anywhere....lots of info on other j instruments but not the duets.....Robert
  3. thanks Wunks.....the first I presume is an original Jeffries made instrument and the second a Wheatstone made instrument with Jeffries button layout....I am actually trying to get info on Jeffries duets and in particular a Jeffries Bros 59 button model with raised ends which measures 8 inches across. I have recently acquired such an instrument which is in old high tuning approx 455hz in b flat......and is very heavy. I cannot find pics or details of another one anywhere in my searches which frustrates me as there must be others out there.......
  4. Interesting didn’t know that either.......Each to their own...I do have a vested interest in the dimensions ofJeffries duets if anyone has knowledge they wish to share it would be appreciated as there is nothing I have been able to find searching the net........thank you all . Robert
  5. Will have a browse. Thank you Geoff.....any idea on info on Jeffries duets
  6. Oh right.......when I have seen them for sale no one ever mentioned their physical size...and also their pictures of them on the net make them look like they are the same size as a standard Anglo.... Didn’t realise how big they are got it in my head that only bass instruments were big....why I thought that I do not know! Just lack of knowledge. Thanks Rod.....
  7. Thanks Geoff that makes perfect sense....thank you......how large do 60+ Duets come? thanks Mike for your explanations....very concise.
  8. I am relatively new to Concertinas...... Reading many articles on concertinas I find that the term “size” seems to refer to the amount of buttons.....How then do people describe a concertina which for example is 8 inches across the flats with 8 inch bellows without specifically detailing its measurements?
  9. Can anyone tell me the width across its flats please.....I own a similar one and I am trying to find information about these duet models. thanking you Robert
  10. Hayden wikki Peacock in hardcase..... virtually unused.....sent you a pm about it.......let me know if interested before I advertise it tomorrow...They are very hard to find in UK...regards Robert
  11. My faith is restored by this article having recently read sales advertising blurb Condemning Wheatstones aluminium shoes and warning buyers to avoid them. As an owner of several 7a anglos I personally disliked these comments but I suppose we all are allowed our own opinions. An excellent article.....very informative.
  12. Sent you a pm earlier this evening
  13. Has anyone else got an advert of the Crabb range of anglos that I could copy listing them for sale in 1949? Robert
  14. Geoff.....Just keeping this one current with a reply...... more info on 10473 would be appreciated when you feel up to it.....i have given it knurled brass screw fitted straps and also for the first time spent today cutting and fitting black and gold bellows papers.....I love this concertina.....Being an instrument collector its important in my little world to know more proper specs and in particular the model name or number in the Crabb line up in the late 1940's. A copy of and old Crabb advert with specifics would be the ideal... cheers for now Robert
  15. Have had a personal message from Geoff who will assist me with this soon....he says 1949/50. More info to follow....thanks so much Geoff...tried to reply to you but it came back undeliverable....robert
  16. It would be very much appreciated if Anyone out there has the specific year for Crabb 10473 and any ledger specifics... I am sure Crabb didn't advertise them as "budget model" with all that the wording would intentionally or unintentionally imply. Perhaps they were just advertised with a model number as exceptional value for money. I believe the same internals were used on all of the various models so any difference would be on the whole cosmetic as for example the differences between Gibson Fern F5L ...F5G....F9. Mandolin models. which vary by adornments rather than quality. I Would really appreciate specific info on my instrument only rather than wether my views are right or wrong..... I Am basing my comparative judgement on the instruments I am lucky enough to possess which are more than one of all the above mandolins and my eight very high end concertinas made by ALL the top makers both old and new. This Crabb is up there in sound and playability. ...If I see another looked after instrument of this painted model I would buy it without hesitation.They are probably the best value for money 30 key Anglo going....that should put the price up! Do hope Mr.Crabb can read my enthusiasm over one of his families instruments. Get well soon... ..Robert
  17. Well. Sorry to hear about Mr Crabb.....hope he soon gets better .I have now had it apart and the keys have very small cross holes and imo could not be bushed .They hold upright very well and moved smoothly ......There are Crabb stamps on various parts and manufacturing numbers here and there 8. 20. 10. to name some.... The reed holding board internals appear to be quality birdseye maple and quilted maple The reeds are brass and steel in mint condition...the instrument plays brilliantly.....quite comparable even to my Jeffries..the reeds must be top class and they are spot on tuned......I have no reason to believe the concertina has ever been to SA..... If this is a budget model it can only refer to the ends being painted to avoid polishing costs... thanks for your reply... .hope Geoff can tell me more when he recovers.... Thanks for now regards. Robert
  18. Hello. Hoping Mr Geoffrey Crabb can give me more info on 10473 a 30 key Anglo 6 fold original bellows.Very simple design with black painted ends..Sound is superb to my ears and can be played with only the smallest amount of bellows movement.I love it.....just one point is that the keys don't seem to have cross bushings although I have never opened it up to properly see. In brown leather crabb case with lable....I am guessing at 1948 ish the year of my birth Thanking you in anticipation. Robert
  19. Just measured my 26+1 Jeffries Anglo d/g and its six and two sixteenths....it's a combination of weird parts to be sure.....hope it plays better than my lachenal which I am not impressed with at all.......I know the seller was sent a message referring to this topic and I was told that they did not get any reply.....worrying to say the least.....anyway not my problem...have a nice day Patrick!
  20. someone just paid just short of £1300...glad its not me!!!
  21. Superb explanations thank you so much Judy.......Robert in uk
  22. Just to let people know who contacted me...I am now sorted and no longer need one. Thank you all
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