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  1. I have for sale a 30b C/G Anglo concertina made by John Connor. I bought it some years ago from Barleycorn concertinas and immediately had it overhauled by Geoff Crabb. It comes in its original hexagonal box but there is no key. It is priced at £2000 plus postage. I am in Oxford.pm me if you would like to one and try it out.
  2. Hi Al, Do you still have the recording of Nick Robertshaw I gave you some time ago?
  3. I hope that the photo uploaded this time!
  4. This is what I found inside my Jeffries Bros Anglo. According to the 1911 census James Henry Wood was a coal miner, like George Lambert, living at 27 Wilcock Street, Wigan. Do you know any more about him, Geoff?
  5. I am selling a Tredrow Anglo concertina which I had custom built. It is in sunburst mahogany with seven fold bellows. Here is a link to some photos and a video on Bobs web site http://hmi.homewood.net/33bGDand http://hmi.homewood.net/33bGD/33blachenal.mov. There is G drone on the left and an extra button on the middle left hand side is A on the pull and G on the push. On the right hand side first two buttons top row are G# and A# in and out. At the far end of the middle row there is an additional button providing low E and D. This instrument has rarely been played and does not warrant me keeping it. I will sell for £1600 plus postage from Oxford U.K.
  6. I thought folks would like to know that Noel Hill will be giving a concertina workshop in London as part of the Return to Camden Festiavl 2011. It takes place at the London Irish Centre on 29th Oct 2011 between 11am and 1pm. The cost is £10. Noel, Micheál O’Raghallaigh and Paddy Egan will also be performing over the weekend. More info at www.returntocamden.org/
  7. On further investigation of the inside markings I have found a number 10 stamped on each of the reed pans and penciled on each of the action boxes. Did Jeffries Bros concertinas have serial numbers?
  8. Inside my Jeffries there are two repair notes made by J H Wood of 27 Wilcock Street Wigan. One for June 1917 and the other for May 1919. The 1911 Census records James Henry Wood at that address and his occupation is given as a coal miner hewer born 1870. I would like to know more about him. Any information is most welcome.
  9. Concertinas at Witney 2010 starts tonight with a session at the Holly Bush Corn Street, Witney. On Saturday 25th Sept there is a evening concert open to the public featuring John Kirkpatrick, Jody Kuskal, Tim Laycock & Steve Turner et al. £10 on the door of the Main Hall, Henry Box School, Church Green, Witney, Oxon.
  10. Hi Mark, I would be interested depending upon which day it is. Tony. PS Is there a form to fill in for the BTMW this year?
  11. I thought I'd share with you the delivery of a new 38 button anglo By Geoff Crabb. This was designed by Geoff for me to play predominately Irish music. Geoff has curved the hand rests to fit smoothly into my palms and the straps were made to measure to ensure a snug fit. Another feature is the two stage air valve which can either provide trickle on the half push or fully open when completely depressed. It is a joy to play with a fast responsive action and beuatifully sounding reeds which will improve as the instrument is broken in. PS Geoff is the handsome one.
  12. So what happened to the "Taxes/Fees" there??? There was a special price of 1p each way including taxes/fees.
  13. I managed to purchase a return flight from Stansted to Shannon for the Ennis Trad Festival for the total sum of £2.42 including debit card fee. Even taking into account the poor customer services this must be considered a "bargain".
  14. I am offering 2 anglo concertinas for sale both c/g and concert pitch. The first is a 36 button Lachenal serviced and tuned in July 2006 by Alan Davies. It has rosewood ends and 6 fold bellows. It is in very good condition. The serial number is 152327. I am looking for offers around £1800 The second is a new (2006) metal ended 30 button Connor with wheatstone reeds which I purchased from Chris Alger. I am looking for offers over £2000. Here are some photos. I am upgrading latter this year otherwise these instruments would not be for sale. I am willing to ship abroad so take advantage of the falling value of the pound!
  15. I had a wonderful time at Bradfield. Well done Mark! The informality of the event bilays the well planned organisation. I had such an enjoyable time at the Royal that I fell off my stool with excitement (or was he pushed?). Thank you Mike for your concern ( never mind you, is your concertina damaged?). I look forward to next year.
  16. For anyone who is interested in trying a Tedrow concertina I will be taking my new Tedrow 33 button D/G box to Bradfield in a couple of weeks.
  17. I was a Beach Boys fan long before succumbing to the seductive lure of the concertina. I recently heard a radio programme about the Album Smile and the previous album Smiley Smile and reference was made to the use of a concertina on the track "Fall Breaks And Back To Winter (W, Woodpecker Symphony)" . You can hear a short excerpt of it on the Amazon web-site. See what you think.
  18. Hi Jody, when I attended your workshop at the Warwick Folk Festival you threw your arms around me and gave me a kiss, (you mistook me for an old American friend). Can I expect the same treatment if I go to Bradfield? Mike Hi Mike, If Jody doesn't give you a hug, I will in gratitude for that Lachenal I bought from you.
  19. I would definately support it and look forward to seeing you, Geoff and hopefully Shay in 2007. Let's hope the weather is kinder to us campers than this year!
  20. Hallo Neil, I bought a Stagi from this company last June. They were very prompt to send the goods and I am very pleased with my concertina. The bellows are air tight and the action is acceptable for an entry level box. Regards Tony
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