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  1. FYI, I'm very interested. I need to decide if it's a Beaumont or a Peacock I want, and I need to sell my CBA to get the money, but getting a better Hayden hybrid is a major priority for me just now. James, I know you're not on the site very often, would it be worth us exchanging emails? (CNet commission still due, of course).
  2. Hi there! I'm currently trying to make the same decision! So far I'm swaying towards the Peacock. I mostly play trad folk, and on all the recordings I've heard, the Peacock seems to sound more like a traditional-reed concertina (it also looks a lot more like a vintage concertina). And Mr Wakker is a maker of traditional instruments after all. But the Beaumont's extra buttons would make for a lot more versatility. More usable range and much easier to play chromatically. And the larger overlap between hands especially; I expect that'd make it easier to play melody or harmony 'between hands', English-style. Also I seem to remember someone on here saying that the Beaumont has a slightly better fit-and-finish. MetroGnome, I suspect recordings don't do the instruments much justice, but that's all I have to go on too (I live in Scotland). Soloduetconcertina on youtube is a marvellous Beaumont player (a TAM-reed one I think), and Steven Arnston on Soundcloud plays the Peacock. You can also hear Morse and Wakker-hybrid instruments being 'demo-ed' on the Liberty Bellows youtube channel. (The videos are made by people who aren't concertinists, so the playing isn't anything much, but you can hear their tone).
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