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  1. I am considering purchasing what I think is a vintage Crabb 31 button anglo, metal ends, now C/G but possibly retuned. There is no makers stamp, the disc says Rushworth and Dreaper, which I understand was a prestigious music shop in Liverpool. However, the fretwork and chamber construction point to it being a Crabb rather than a Laschenal who also made for Rushworth and Dreaper. The C row plays well but there are a number of reeds on the G row which are much quieter than the others. There are already some repairs to the bellows, the tooling is completely gone and a few of the reeds are a little rusty so it needs some serious repair work , which I would have done professionally. It hasn't been played for some time so smells musty and shows slight signs of damp with a little verdigris on the strap pins but fits beautifully in my hands and is responding well to being played, except for the quiet notes. The number inside is 8833. So my question is, can anyone help with identifying this instrument and is it likely that the quiet reeds would come up given some TLC?
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