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  1. My collection of miniature figures playing concertina has to go with our downsize. I would like to sell and have put on eBay, but pleased to give to any good home plus postal costs.
  2. I know there are players in Japan, so if there is anyone around the Shimane province I would like to meet you. I'm not going to Tokyo or the north. Expect to visit Osaka and Kyoto, and the South West. It would be a shame to find out that there was someone just up the road after I'd left, wouldn't it?
  3. My answer to this would be that other instruments don't usually pack in all the notes of a chord into such close proximity. Therefore I leave out the 3rd alltogether or use the third in the next octave above. Classical music loves its 3rds, but we can break all those rules if we want to. As for dogs, poor things they just don't like the harsh sound of the concertina. Their hearing is better than ours. mine used to have a terribly hard decision to make, should he remain in the other room, or be close to me and suffer!
  4. Yes, I was told by a teacher in miltown that he set himself the target of learning the concertina in 10 years. at the end of the 10 years he decided to give himself another 10 years. It's probably not that difficult but you get the point, just keep going! Also when i asked how people managed to play at such speeds he said forget about speed, just play the tunes, he was right. Speed comes easily later.
  5. Ther are some things about talent that simply cannot be denied. A well muscled athletic person will be able to run faster than a thin gangly less coordinated one, this is not an insult to the latter but a simple fact. I think a person with brain connections that favour musical developement will do better than one that does not have those connections - hence my daughters passed me musically when they were about 11 years old. I agree that anyone without natural ability could become immeasurably better with practice, but they will always start from behind the talented. This does not mean that they might not add something original to their field of chosen activity. It is said that John Coltrane achieved his greatness purely by constant application and showed no early signs of talent.
  6. Perhaps the bird is the traditional music of the british Isles? Your actions have helped it to sing, and encouragement of the young is vital.
  7. I find I like quite a few CD's of concertina music when I hear them first, but is there one for you that passes the test of "It gets put on again and again, simply because its so enjoyable." For me its micheal O'Riley's (apologies re anglisised spelling)1st one.
  8. It occurred to me that the invention of the concertina was concurrent with that of the camera. Should concertina players therefore stick with film and not be seduced by digital. The digital camera is something like a keyboard, does an awful lot but has little character. They both come from a great age of invention but have things gone too far now? Peter.
  9. For myself, I've never had to think about how I push the bellows, but on observing I find there is a light contact, roughly even, between any fingers that are pressing keys and the inner border of the thumb back to the point where it leaves the instrument. Also the two parts of the palm where they lightly touch the handle under the strap. these are at the base of the 1st and 4th fingers. In general there is no locking up and there is variation according to what is being played. Any problems have invariably been due to tension and locking up of the hand arm or instrument, for me. Best Wishes Peter.
  10. No need for blocks of foam as the weight of the instument (anglo) falls onto the palms. I sometimes practice with the bellows against my bent legs in the lying position. its fine for learning tunes.
  11. Good point about the modes. Its also worth remembering that so much of the trad music is on the pentatonic scales. The CG concertina is great for flying up and down these in G and D. Except perhaps for the F sharp on the little finger which you have to get used to. Peter
  12. The reason that the CG anglo is favoured for irish music is that it s range closely matches the fiddle. Its good for C G D and A major plus E A B and D minors. its just as easy to play in D, but its a different pattern to learn, once learnt there is no problem. There is a tendancy to learn the pattern up one row, apply it to the other one and then go no further. Good luck! Peter
  13. Thanks for all your help. I need some time to absorb it. Budget I supose would be £200 ish, but if I had to would go higher and would be pleased to go lower! Thanks again, Peter.
  14. I would be most appreciative for help re what to buy to allow myself to record into my computer. I have not done this before and wish to create music with several instruments. Advice on software and hardware would be ideal and especially user friendly learner stuff an the technology side. Thanks, Peter.
  15. The ease of pentatonic scales on the concetina is why its great for irish music and much other trad music. Therefore I imagine the chinese would have little difficulty using it. But as you say the keys might not be right. The urhu has 2 strings incidentaly with the bow hair threaded permentantly between them. Peter.
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