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  1. To David,

    Thanks for this nice video of another waltz close to the french musette style, and the information about the wicki system. Do you have an idea of the space between the buttons in the wicki concertina compare to the hayden system? And do you know if it could be possible to find somewhere a copy of the entire version of the instruction manual from Wicki?

  2. Bonjour Riton, I think that it could be possible to play french musette on the Hayden duet. The only but important difference with the accordion is that you don't have ready made chords for the accompaniment. So you have to do it by yourself which is a little more difficult but sometimes more interesting because you can choose the position.

    Recently I began to play La Partida, which is a venezuelian waltz but I think that it sounds a little like french musette. I will try to upload it on youtube asap. And I don't know if it's really musette but I used to play Les amants de Saint-Jean too when I began the instrument.

    If you are not too far from Paris and want to take a look or a try at my concertina you are welcome. If you want to know more about the instrument you can also write to my e-mail address: soloduetconcertina@gmail.com

    But my english is not as good as yours, so better in french for me.


  3. Thank you David, I didn't know that it was you who were playing on the Beaumont's video and I didn't know that the Wicki 's system had the left hand buttons in mirror image arrangement, but even without the mirror left hand it seems that he was the first to think about this layout.

    As for the parallel or not parallel keyboard I have not yet a definitive opinion about that. My first instrument was a Stagi ordered on internet but it was quite bad and I didn't play it that much. When I received the Beaumont my first impression was that some fingerings were easier with the parallel keyboard and some others became more difficult. So I thought that it was just a question of adaptation to one or another position. Now that I have more experience with the hayden keyboard I'd like to compare once again while playing the same tunes on both but I have sold my Stagi, so I can't say what I think is the best for me.

    I think that the idea of Brian Hayden to make the octave playing easier was a good idea because it's true that it's a little difficult to play the octave on the same line. But as Little John said I don't understand why Brian Hayden didn't make the slant towards the little finger. But maybe he tried and he had a good reason to make it like he did?

  4. I'd like to get an hybrid instrument between hayden duet and bandonion, with double reeds to improve the sound, and with double buttons for sharp and flat notes on each hand so that it could be easier to play in any keys. But I don't know if it's a good idea until I will get this instrument because the space between the buttons will be a little larger than the hayden duet, like the bandonion.

    But I listened to your videos and they sound very good. Do you have 2 different hayden duet?

  5. Hello to everybody,


    Thank you very much for your interest in my videos and kind comments. Yes, I'm french and living in the Paris suburb. I registered here on concertina.net 2 years ago but forgot to return after. A friend from England told me about this thread and it's a good opportunity to come back and talk with other concertina players because we are very few to play this instrument here in France. I try to experiment different kind of musics on the hayden system and I'd like to get this system improved if more musicians could be interested in it.


    Didie Sendra

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