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  1. Thank you, I like the sound of your concertinas and even the Bastari sounds good I think. Are the keyboards parallels to the palm bar? I noticed that they have both metal ends. I like the sound of the Jeffries concertinas with metal ends as well. Do you think that concertinas with metal ends have a better sound?
  2. I'd like to get an hybrid instrument between hayden duet and bandonion, with double reeds to improve the sound, and with double buttons for sharp and flat notes on each hand so that it could be easier to play in any keys. But I don't know if it's a good idea until I will get this instrument because the space between the buttons will be a little larger than the hayden duet, like the bandonion. But I listened to your videos and they sound very good. Do you have 2 different hayden duet?
  3. Hello to everybody, Thank you very much for your interest in my videos and kind comments. Yes, I'm french and living in the Paris suburb. I registered here on concertina.net 2 years ago but forgot to return after. A friend from England told me about this thread and it's a good opportunity to come back and talk with other concertina players because we are very few to play this instrument here in France. I try to experiment different kind of musics on the hayden system and I'd like to get this system improved if more musicians could be interested in it. Didie Sendra
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