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  1. I don't know what is convenient on the anglo but in this video I'm using 3 notes chords on the left hand. But 2 notes chords work well too and sometimes sound better on the concertina. So as Daniel said you can choose what is the most convenient and sound better between 1, 3, 5, or sometimes 7. And for the chords rythm here I'm playing 3/3/2: dotted quarter note/dotted quarter note/quarter note.


  2. Hi Joy,


    Thank you so much for this information! When we met a few years ago my goal was to try the Beaumont, so I didn't really notice and don't even remember that you had other instruments. Now that I'm more aware of what I'm searching about the Hayden system, I would be very interested to see and try this double reeded Bastari more accurately. So if you don't mind I will contact you on your e-mail address to talk about this possibility.


    All the best,



  3. > Snoot: thank you! the vapors of wine are good for the concertina but it's not yet proven that the sound of the concertina is good for the wine!


    > Jim: Great to listen to this recording and it gives me some new ideas for the accompaniment. Do you have the sheet music for this arrangement?

  4. Hi Wolf, thank you for your comment and I wanted to ask you about the link to your version but I just realized now that you had already add it here. Nice to listen to all the possibilities of interpretation with the same single tune! And I'd like to know if you are living in Germany and if you use to attend the concertina meeting there?



  5. Merci Thomas! I like this one very very much, with beautiful harmonies and more rythmic feeling. Maybe Roslin was half french!

    If there is a chance somedays I'd like to take a look at your custom duet and listen to Emmanuel's version as well. Did he play it on concertina or diatonic accordion?

  6. Thank you Perspiration and David! At first it's the Danny Chapman's version which makes me want to try this tune on the duet and when I was searching about it I remember also to listen to your nice rendition along with many beautiful concertina versions on sound cloud. But I can't find the link anymore. Maybe do you remember about those recordings on sound cloud?

  7. ritonmousquetaire> Ah, I forgot to answer your other question. I think that on any instrument you have to play with your own limits and, unless you play electronic music, with the limits of your instrument. So I think that there is a lot to do with a 46 buttons hayden duet. But as I got used to 52 buttons I now need all these buttons and would be frustrated to have just 46. Actually I'd like to get even a little more buttons. With the hayden system you have all the "normal" notes in the middle of the keyboard and the flat and sharp notes on each opposite side of each hand, which is quite convenient to play in the most common keys but become more difficult when you want to play in some keys with many altered (?) notes. So I'd like to get the flat and sharp notes doubled (?) on each opposite side of each hand in order to have the choice of the fingerings when I have to play in those keys.

  8. ceemonster> Thanks for the links. On my youtube channel I have a playlist called Tangotina where I'm collecting all the videos that I can find about tangos played on concertinas.


    ritonmousquetaire> do you live in or near Paris? In that case we could first play La Marine or La Partida with your ukulele and after that try some easy tango.

  9. @Ritonmousquetaire

    I began to play La Marine on my duet and I will post a video as soon as I'm able to. It would be great to listen to this tune on the anglo and solo EC as well. On the other thread I have just sent the link for La Partida that I promised before but after recording it I realized that it doesn't really sound like french musette. Maybe playing french musette on the duet would be another challenge after tango music…

  10. @ceemonster

    If you could find a way to record and upload your music, I would be also very interested to listen to your rendition of La Boheme. And you seems to know very well tango music. I began to play duet concertina with an amateur tango orchestra 2 years ago in Paris and it's a good challenge to play bandonion parts on the concertina. I'm also very interested to explore the potential of tango played on concertina but the problem is that you will always suffer the comparison with the sound of the bandonion. But I'd like to experiment a mini tango band with ukulele and concertina if there is a chance.

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