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  1. Thank you John, Rüdiger and Wolf for the very interesting analysis. When I first listened to this tune I felt that it was the kind of perfect melodic line that popular tradition can create after decades and maybe centuries of folk process. It's the reason why I was surprised and a little disappointed to discover that it was maybe just a wrong transcription.


  2. On 5/10/2019 at 6:53 PM, Dee746 said:

    Wonderful - Merci d'avoir partagé votre musique avec nous!

    Merci Dee! De rien, c'est un plaisir.

    I have seen in another thread that you are interested in klezmer music and I think that it would be also nice to hear more klezmer music on the Hayden duet.


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  3. On 5/10/2019 at 7:09 AM, Isel said:

    Always inspiring!

    Thank you Israel, I can't wait to listen to your new Hayden duet made by Alex Holden and it's nice that a young concertina maker is also interested in this instrument.


  4. On 5/10/2019 at 1:02 AM, David Barnert said:

    Beautiful. That’s what duet concertinas are for. I particularly liked the last chord.

    Thank you David, I hope to listen soon to your new recordings as well because it's always a good inspiration and encouragement for Hayden duet players.

  5. This tune has been composed by Lydie Auvray, a french accordionist living and mostly playing in Germany. It's quite popular among tango dancers in Paris.

    The video is directly inspired by german concertinist Musik Böhmer and his concertina from hell:


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  6. Thank you Riton to open my eyes ans my ears on this beautiful piece. I will put it on my to play list, but before I've already 2 other minuets on my gas cooker and I'm now struggling with the Invention Nr 8, as well as some tangos. Did you try to play "Schaffs mit mir" on your anglo?

  7. Thank you for your interest Aldon. The instrument that I'm playing isn't an Elise but a 52 buttons Beaumont. For this kind of tune I just need to make some octave transpositions at some places when I don't have enough range but not so much. Maybe on an Elise you would have to adapt the score a little more.


  8. Some duet concertina players asked me about the sheet music for the tunes that I'm playing on Youtube. It's difficult to find music written especially for the hayden system and I didn't have enough time yet to write the scores of the arrangements,  but recently I enjoy playing different pieces from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach. For those who are looking for scores, who like also baroque music and don't mind to play it on a concertina, I think that it is a good source to find some tunes not too difficult to adapt and play on the different types of concertinas:


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  9. Very happy to receive all these beautiful recordings. My first impression was that it was not the same tune but after listening to it more carefully I noticed that I could almost play the Hebridean air together. Tempo and keys are different but the melodic and harmonic structures are very similar, with just a slight difference for the last phrase which is repeated. So maybe the same tune evolved in quite different versions when passed on orally. And it makes me want to play it also in a faster way, maybe for a summer version...

  10. Thank you so much Don and Mathhag for the very detailed information. I didn't have enough time to make more research yet but I will try and a friend of mine living in the north of England asked some Scottish musicians who have all come back with the same answer: they believe it could be from an old scottish tune called " Ye Jacobites by Name" which was adapted from an older tune written in Orkney about 1794, "My Love's in Germany".

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  11. I like this kind of slow and simple melody on concertina and it's nice to listen to both versions. Don is right when saying that it's difficult to find a good balance between melody and accompaniment on solo concertina, and maybe the problem is more obvious with duet concertinas which are made to play melody and accompaniment together. After talking about this problem of balance with Harry Geuns he gave me some leather baffles to put especially inside the left hand and it's better but not enough. Amplification is another solution but the main interest of the concertina is to be a small and simple instrument, so it would be great if concertinas makers could work on this problem and find acoustic solutions.

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