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  1. One year after beginning to write the sheet musics of my arrangements for duet concertinas I've just completed 3 other tunes: Da Slockit Light (Tom Anderson): https://youtu.be/1TuYwbUJQ1o Innocent (Joe Hisaishi): https://youtu.be/eD6fANxkjhk Nuestros Hijos(Rodolfo Mederos): https://youtu.be/3Zu6R-fyDsQ And for Xmas a score written by John Cage for any concertina system and available at Peters Edition: https://youtu.be/30bhAy2dsAE Happy Holidays! Didie
  2. I was just asking him the permission to introduce his new channel here. Gilbert is also a novelist and painter under the name Paul Sath. I think that his wonderful recordings would deserve a place in the Duet Recordings page...
  3. Thank you very much Daniel and Welcome Isra to the fan club of Cornish concertina blues! Maybe the balance between the bass line and the melody is more audible on this other video because I was just in front of the mic: https://youtu.be/VaS_F8etuxA Actually for this bass line I was inspired by this wonderful video sent to me by a concertinist called Zach (maybe he is a member here?). As him I think that it is the best rendition of this tune after the one that I heard from the Cornish Hobo: https://youtu.be/b1Z4PAZX9Bs
  4. Wow, thank you David, the parallel with the story of Tartini is interesting although a little too big! But I see at least 2 differences between the 2 stories: Tartini was dreaming, so his story is the result of his nocturnal imagination, a kind of fiction. In my case I was fully awake when it happened and I didn't have taken any product that could have reduce my lucidity. So it's just the difference between fiction and reality. The other point is that I have never had a servant, even in my dreams. I don't know if english speaking people still use this word in Europe, but thank you also to clarify the meaning. That's too bad that we can't have the opinion of Jack Chantegril on the subject but what I feel is it could be some differences between the use of this word in USA and Cornwall. It's just my humble opinion but maybe the Cornish Hobo could be a little closer to the tramp, but the BIG difference with a tramp is of course that the Cornish Hobo can play concertina!
  5. Thank you Wunks, this memory is very moving! I wish this man could also play concertina like the Cornish Hobos. And after reading your comment I wonder if somebody like you, concertina player with a long railway worker experience, could be a possible Jack Chantegril? Well, even if you are him or not the book "When the River still Ran" could be a nice Xmas present to any concertina player interested in the Cornish Hobos and the Railway musicians...
  6. Thank you very much Isra, your researches and comments are very interesting and useful for all concertinas I think! I also noticed that you can play standing, which I can't anymore do with my 11 folds bellows... and it sounds so nice to be able to play triplets! Didie
  7. In this video I talk about my unexpected encounter with the Spirit of a Cornish Hobo during the lockdown, and how He tried to play on my own concertina. I also give a tip that can work for all systems concertina players, in order to be sure to identify the Spirit of a Cornish Hobo if you happen to meet One: https://youtu.be/bhyhfjmFbdQ
  8. Wonderful musicality, and the best rendition of ragtime on a concertina that I have listened to! The enhancements sounds very interesting as well, and I hope to try it!
  9. Thank you very much Isra, wonderful music and your new instrument sounds very nice! Next time if you can also take a video from the side I'd like to see how you hold your concertina with your system, but your fingers seems to move quite freely on the keyboard, which is very important. Hope to have more chance to listen to spanish music here as well. Didie
  10. Thank you Jim, I also thought that this song was originally written by Leonard Cohen before being translated in french, so it's nice to know the real story. Here is the same recording with a higher volume and a pic of Anna Marly: https://youtu.be/oQRl3YAvG8Q Didie
  11. Hi David(s), I began to play music instruments just because I couldn't sing. Voice is the best instrument and there are many musicians accompanying their own singing very nicely with different kind of concertinas, but I think that if I could accompany my singing I would have chosen an instrument more different to the human voice, with non sustained and more percussive sounds like guitar or piano, because the concertina sound is quite close to the human voice. Looking forward to meeting you on Zoom and I hope that it will works well, Didie
  12. Thank you David! Dan had already recorded his own video that he sent to me, I added a concertina part on another video while listening to his file and he managed to synchronize the 2 videos with iMovie. It would be better if we could record it at the same time but maybe also more difficult...
  13. A C.net transatlantic collaboration with Bogheaten on guitar and voice, and just with a little jet lag:
  14. Thank you Gary to let know this tune and those nice japanese musicians. Do you have a link for the Tricolor playlist? Didie
  15. No Don, it's the other one but not so nice I admit. And Ok Steve I will try it in a midday version and hope to listen to yours. For you, Daniel and all who miss the Tricolor version, I've found another video:
  16. Very nice tune, Thanks for sharing!
  17. Maybe even more lost in translation because I don't know well this music and I didn't want to just make a copy, but after listening to both versions I tried to adapt it on my Wicky duet in the same key of G. For me it's the same tune with 2 big changes in the Tricolor version: the rhythm and a F natural instead of a F sharp in some parts: https://youtu.be/jn0IHSOWrZI https://youtu.be/NlITwrLjUJI
  18. I have just completed the sheet music for Roslin Castle, as recorded in this video 2 years ago: https://youtu.be/ZVsOwYt2A7U So the current list of available scores is: Haul away The water is wide La Ultima Curda Androgyne tango Variations on a tune from the Hebrides Alfonsina y el Mar Roslin Castle I will keep up writing the scores when I have enough time, so if you want to play some tunes that I have uploaded on Youtube just ask me if it's available at: soloduetconcertina@gmail.com
  19. It looks very interesting but I'd like to play it with both hands like a concertina, with a keyboard on each side of the board and like my picture here. I will ask if it's possible...
  20. It's maybe not real klezmer music, but as I also heard it played by klezmer bands I send this video recorded some years ago: https://youtu.be/aHxPiZYjbVs
  21. The sheet music for "Alfonsina y el Mar" (Ariel Ramirez) is also available and for those who want to try it here is the video corresponding to this score: https://youtu.be/gHhSO2_vlpA But it's always possible also to play it in a simplest way like I used to do 4 years ago: https://youtu.be/fArpHNN6cLQ
  22. Very nice! but the right words in french are chabadabada chabadabada, with the same meaning...
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