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  1. do you have a picture? that one is the upper limit of what i can afford, but I can afford it. USA
  2. a bit out of my price range but boy do those look lovely!
  3. topic says it all. honestly id rather one from 26-39 button. but ill make do with w/e. good concertina are hard to come by edit: well 40+ button an option too. I have money. Honestly id rather do this thru ebay for safety reasons. anglo
  4. hey thinking of buying the C-3 stagi. what are your opinions on a triple reed? I have the stagi C-2 (double reed) is it going to sound too.... muddy or something? Quick edit: Is this the only triple reed on the market?
  5. so your non-functional, that your repairing, are 26 button?
  6. Only the Frank Edgley C/G at the moment, but I have more old ones to fix... that edgley looks quite nice. I wish you still had the 26 or 27 button. I do want to get a concertina from someone who knows what they are doing. Because I don't. I just play them. how many more do you have planned on fixing up? I have a few concertinas that I never attempted to fix.
  7. I count 15 reeds, so its a 30 button? also google has a fantastic language translation, it has helped me in the past
  8. Does anyone that has both AND can do youtube videos, care to show us an example of the different ones? I'm curious as well... And that video.... gives an idea but there are problems with it.
  9. Does this add a bunch of support? also what # hole do you put your hand strap screw in?
  10. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to invest in upgraded hand straps for the rochelle. If so, could someone point me in the correct type of straps?
  11. Whats a good website to get concertina parts? im looking for buttons in particular.
  12. hey, Id rather do it through this site. I can afford up to $1000 paid by paypal. need a 40 button anglo that works. got a duet now. just need this one. Ill update the post when I get one. worst case scenario ill get a new 40 stagi in a couple weeks. thanks!
  13. oh, and kinda irrelevant. but I wasnt Attacking alan in anyway for his tutorial. Far from it. ITs the way i want to learn. But there are massive gaps of knowledge in the material. its great expert musicians get it, I dont. If my path can accelerate and help people learn, thats the goal. Because Im learning a massive amount having to learn it myself but im wasting so much time as well trying to figure it out.
  14. checked out your link don. that was really cool seeing them from china. I had no clue a 30 button could be as low as 60 dollars and change. (granted u gotta buy like 50 of em) so far i have your link and ebay this site amazon to find a genuine one that only another concertina player would apperciate
  15. fascinating, i love reading posts like yours that have knowledge
  16. "Confusing and hard to learn" for you, perhaps, and the Congo thread indicates that you're not alone. But the tutorial has also received much praise, so it seems that not everyone has had that difficulty. Come to us with specifics, and maybe some of us -- even Alan himself -- can help you out. lol, yeah im not afraid to admit im not some stellar musician. im not sure if you were trying to insult me or not. it doesnt matter. If i have trouble and can offer help to people in the same boat as me, i will. So yes, it is hard for me. This is a fine instrument. and this forum is pointing us all in the right direction.
  17. im struggling to choose what style of concertina too. From what i gather so far (and keep in mind, i just want to play solo) anglo is good for inherit rhythm and harmony. duet, and to a lesser extent english are for musicians that just have a natural brain capacity for it. and sound terrible unless the people know what they are doing. The anglo sounds fantastic even if you only have a mediocore music talent. And by no means dont get me wrong. The anglo has huge capacity for music in a very concertina sort of way. From what i gather its kinda like this: anglo is like your standard guitar tuning... chords just sound *right* and *normal* on the anglo. but the duet and english are more like open guitar tunings. it sounds awesome and cool... but just some how not correct. at any rate, im no expert, so hopefully the real tunes can chime in
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