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  1. hey I'm confused how to construct 4ths and 5ths based on c scale. This is what I mapped out so far.... But I cant find notation for these two intervals so I have to construct them myself. ​​The C scale: C B D E F G A B C soooo take the C and go up 5, and you get CG​ obviously a 5th.... now some of the other things I mapped out: G is obviously the 5th of C. now when I go to my G chord map, the 5th is a D, and if you only go up 5 steps... the 5th is a B, somethings not right. I want to map out 4ths and 5ths for the C scale.... what am I missing?
  2. Thankyou guys, ill buy one that is already 21-26 button..... but get bushing with installedt! x) C# indeed was the note I was looking into
  3. Ok the question is: Can you use paypal credit to buy from a private seller, or for lessons? Thanks!
  4. how hard is it for a concertina tech to add an extra button to a 20 key anglo? Id like to add an extra one (or two) to a 20 key. this would be most likely on a jones or lachenal to upgrade. I'm Just curious if this would be too cost prohibitive to go that route... with standard tech charges of $50+ an hour.
  5. hey, what is the right way to learn to read music on my anglo.... is the music read the same as it sounds, or is it played an octave higher in standard notation? Thanks!
  6. hey, Just looking for an way to learn theory, in a directed fashion. A guy (his name escapes me) on this forum, pointed me to one.
  7. Brass reeds are more mellow sounding than steel ones, steel I guess is bright.
  8. The point you made, about the stupid renaming of songs, has completely turned me off to this book. I'm not going to learn tunes that don't have the accurate name of a song. If you still want it, ill post it. It doesn't violate any copyright laws by posting stuff for educational purposes. And learning the name of a song is quite educational. its actually kinda short anyway
  9. Hey im going to drop around $40 dollars for this book: The Anglo Concertina, Handbook of Tunes and Methods for Irish Traditional Music. by frank edgley The reviews on this book are sparse.... sooo anyone that has it, can you tell me what you think?
  10. that's a start, gonna see what an accordion tech says.
  11. hey- I have this concertina, 20 button. I was wondering, if I can ship it in to a repair company. the us and if its possible to tune something like this, or even if the repair cost alot....(any rough guess?) with and without bushings. also what are these reed plates called? ill send them a message after I got a more clear understanding on repair of these things, and if its even worth it.
  12. the book is called: Deluxe Concertina Book by Frank J. Converse, Mel bay. the song is called concertina concerto, its on page 50, if you have the book. from what i understand, mozart made alot of concertos. I just want to get an idea of what the song sounds like on youtube. (before remapping it out and learning it.) I can post a picture of the piece, but I don't know how copy right laws and fair usage laws work.
  13. I'm in usa. willing to spend the cash. do the math. two things. #1 this must be on ebay for safety reasons. (ill pay for the fee) #2 like most sane people, I run on logic. I know what a marcus would cost me. with full warranty. #3 I only said two things
  14. im going to buy a serious one from jowaisas by Christmas.(I'm actually looking at his price and his superior instruments.) I encourage everyone on this forum to check it out. I just need to know how to get the Rochelle quiet so I don't kill the ears of my entire family.... but honestly in my opinion.... 20 buttons are the best, and most fun.
  15. acutally lol on all your answers, now that i really reviewed it except the baffle answer
  16. lol lol on #4 also what do you mean by baffles? I'm willing to spend cash. I also have one of those cheap red Chinese ones. it was the quietest of all but it went out of tune. kinda fast in my opinion but again. baffles
  17. yes yes, I'm sure this has happened to all concertina players. I'm still an armature... like every new post, once was. how do I make it quiet? this is a serious question. I spent about $400 usd to get this set up. the instrument its a stagi ms-40. the one I need to quiet down, is a Rochelle 30 button. I'm well aware what a difficult this instrument (concertina) can be. please just give me advice. ive done searches on google.
  18. its unclear to me if its a row across both sides,, or if its just one side of the 20 button anglo
  19. This is helping.... I moved the button around side to side.... maybe it is just friction, If I just keep playing/breaking it in and doing that, will it get better?
  20. I just got my concertina back from a very very good dealer/repairer, one of the top in usa. not mentioning because i like them. what do I do? the bass C sound about .3 seconds after I let the button go. and the other pull does the same thing (to a lesser extent, but still 85%. and with both push/pull, when I keep the bellows giving them air: they both play normal if I keep it short and crisp, if I just play ommpah chords. with push/pull they are still there and that lasts up to 2 seconds. playing something other than ompah I'm just taking an educated guess. is this a simple spring I can fix on my own? ive done it before with a Rochelle experts help
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