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  1. i just bought one off button box, i still always looking for trades if you still interested. obviously it would be good to have upgrade duet or back up one. hayden system
  2. sorry forgot to mention the 30 button is in G/D. All guitars are ibanez, that includes my banjos and banjitars. (also many off brand) i have all pedals and what not and a few amps and stuff, but i dont know how musical you are, sooo we can get into details later i guess. But this is concertina forum and i want a duet, but not just a duet, even if its a crummy one, i want one as a back up. so i still am unsure of finger systems.
  3. I have a C-2 C/G concertina and 40 button (bushed) stagi and 30 button bushed (stagi) and of course guitars and other instruments and cash, lmk if you want to make a deal!
  4. im reading bertram levys american fiddle styles for the anglo concertina. He talks about the scale of F too for the 30 button. the keys of C/g/f/&d soooo then the question becomes, how difficult is it to play in the key of F on a 30 button C/G?
  5. absolutely correct! That's why I use musescore to transpose the notation. I have just been struggling to learn how to construct song arrangements. and the lessons give some basic info on that. Its extremely annoying that I cannot just transpose their lessons to suit my C/G. Ill look up the note chart. But I am still also struggling to fully understand. So on a comparable C/g concertina, how difficult is it to play in the key of C on a G/d instrument? Is it like playing in the key of D on a C/g?
  6. ok... this is what I'm thinking. Can I play the lower register on a G/d Anglo. All I truly need is to beable to properly play the bass clef. But Then that also will require that, It has the capability of playing in the key of C.
  7. holy crap that was useful. I'm going to look up baffles soon. I haven't decided what direction I'm going in.. but wow. I couldn't ask for a better answer
  8. well the topic is the question. but I'm also curious how the volume is on the English too. I cannot have the bass over-power the treble
  9. sorry for the double post. It just listens to the notes you play. its completely for free. gives you feedback for 30 min a day. I use musescore, then just convert the file to yousician, and it plays... relatively.... decently. I like country roads from john Denver Edit: Or would it just be advisable to play a D instrument (like one of my favorite players) to get the lower range on the bass clef?
  10. this is some information that is well worth looking into. thankyou my man
  11. yes. I am also an amature guitar player also. I really, really, appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. The answer is Yes I strongly need yousician. I strongly dislike their customer service.... strongly.... but no other company. theres more to get into than that. but its simply not worth getting into. because I love the app. and I'm a musician that has nobody to play with, except that app. ALSO direct feed back on musician timing. the thing I ran into a problem with my anglo was the clef staff. Make no mistake, my concertinas are going no where. the training wheels on the anglo taught me something no other teacher could.... even when I was taking trumpet/horn/drums in grade school. The anglo taught me the fundamentals of harmony with out a single word.... yet this is an extremely hard instrument to learn. that's the one that I'm always holds a special place in my heart.
  12. I have had professional help. which.... basically taught me... I'm wasting my money. I need information. Not someone that will sit there and help me learn key by key.... I can do that easy on my own time. These instruments are a freaking hard thing to learn. And even harder to learn how to play them. at very very very least, on a fundamental level. yousician does that. I know its just a game. but it finally forced me to switch from an anglo to a duet. I have no other option. What am I looking at getting into? I need to beable to play on yousician im looking at the elsie from buttonbox. (btw... buttonbox, they are phenomenal on so many levels) again... worth mentioning. they know what they are doing. and also own greg from here. So since I am going to use yousician as essentially a teacher. Does the elise have the capability to play MOST of the piano staff? I ran into problems with the low D on my anglo...... god that would have been useful.(on the other direction) and a couple others on various rows. The Low C on anglos, how does that coincide with a duet I'm thinking of getting? because yousician will only recognize Notes based off middle c, the true pitch. this is a sincere thankyou
  13. lol lol lol..... if that was me (and I got 10 tickets!), Id make sure everyone on this forum, had what ever concertina they desired.(only one!... well... one of each type... so three And don't worry my brothers. If I win in any future lotto. every active member on this forum will be taken care of. Man concertinas are great.But the people who choose to play them are even greater.
  14. Is there any list of concertina teachers, that teach online? ive only come across less than a handful so far. And they very well be worth their weight in gold.
  15. This advice is really helping, thankyou
  16. hey, completely off topic, but I just noticed! grats on the 1,000th post my man don!
  17. the anglo is one of the finest, and most expensive instruments ive played. after thinking about it a little bit..... this isn't really a good instrument for you. Ive had so much trouble learning how to handle these things.... and its been an extremely expensive learning experience. and I am extremely poor. for example. I bought a new stagi 40 button for around $800. then I play it... and the freaking thing isn't even in tune, so I had to ship it off and get it serviced for another 400+ dollars. (granted, I had bushing installed) ive bought a few off ebay, because I was ignorant and they all turned out bad. another one I paid $200 for, I shipped it to get it repaired, and he basically told me it was a piece of junk, that's really not worth getting repaired. So then you have to pay for shipping and assessment. your best bet is going to be, saving up around 300-400 bucks and get a used Rochelle/Jackie/elise. if you can manage 500, Greg Jowleski.....(one of the forum members) I forget his full name off the top of my head..... he will set you up extremely well, and he warranty it for a year. I'm in the process of getting a 20B from him. I'm not trying to be snooty, I am just telling you what your in for. I strongly encourage you to play.... again, this is just what my mistakes have cost me. possibly, if you consider some of the earlier posts, a very good harmonica will function just the same as an anglo for far cheaper, and you can learn on it. The other types (English, duet) I have no clue of an alternative. Sorry if I seem rude, because I'm not trying to be
  18. by the way. you don't have to be an expert, id just like you to have 5+ years on you. (my only criteria) (from what I understand.... the first 5 years are the hardest) concertina players are a rare breed. (imho) And teachers of them, are even far more rare. maybe you can learn something from me *shrug* I don't care what device it is, facebook, skype or w/e.... hopefully in the interview, you may accept me.
  19. I very well may be wrong...... I have one of those, boxes, that someone gave me for Christmas. I just fiddled around with it. (finally!!) it sounds like an anglo/harmonica. I'm dirt poor too, so I don't mind helping you out because I'm in same situation. edit: I am wrong. it does play different notes on pull and draw though #2 edit: it plays the same as an anglo on the bottom four notes. I can play songs like old susanna just the same way as on an anglo. octaves sound better. I'm a newbie too, so you will have to get advice from people like don taylor
  20. If you think of converting to anglo, I can send you one of mine for free. its a cheap Chinese one, but it plays in tune. ill have to see if I can fix the straps from playing it for months though! all id ask is that you pay shipping... and maybe $10 for a six pack of beer But most of all, just encourage people with the concertina time to go get it out of storage & check it out
  21. hey, ive been playing concertina about 6 months. I'm obviously not anywhere near good. all of the books ive been getting... are kinda... missing pieces of the full puzzle... I am picking up a bit from all of them though. and most all, through this site. Its starting to all add up. but I need a teacher. ‚ÄčTo show me what they have learned and any major hurdles they have come across. Also, anything they have learned to make learning this anglo easier. It would be the biggest mistake ever, to not find one at this point, because this is such a fascinating instrument & one I fully want to pursue. I can afford around $100 for four 1/2 hour sessions a month. All the details can be fine tuned though. please let me know if you know a good teacher or if you are willing to help.
  22. both post are very helpful. so do I construct a 4th and 5th based on a note or a scale?
  23. This is a fantastic idea. so simple, i have no clue why it didnt cross my mind. what is A4 sheets? just really thick paper? and what glue did you use?
  24. hey, I like this Rochelle because of the HUGE size of the bellows. I want to make it look a little better & customized. Its not one of my main instruments, but.... will tradition papers fit? or do I need another size? or? well that doesn't matter tooooo much. but what place can I buy them? thanks my fellow concertina players!
  25. thankyou for all your help guys. I think I have the answer..... is to learn as its played, and learn how to read it an octave higher. how that 8v thing or w/e notates things. sooooo the question then becomes. which to tackle first.
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