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  1. hi don't forget muscle memory,its more natural to clap hands than separate them ,practice clapping backwards pushing out ,and playing for hours continuously is not very productive little and often is far better ,i have been a professional musician most of my life but the concertina only playing several years and my new melodeon "yes i bought one lol" only recently ,but i find the bellows direction automatic because of muscle memory ,in out just seems natural ,don't forget how much you've learned ...........i always get my students to play the guitar left handed briefly to see how it felt when you started ,reverse the concertina then back see how familiar and accomplished you are already have fun
  2. very good ,made me chuckle
  3. seem a bit drastic to have autotune in the lounge? i'm slightly confused by the "suspect notes" mine are either at pitch or not ............. suspicious notes sounds very mi5 to me reminds me of the wonderful moment (the lady vanishes) when a code is passed hidden in a tune hummed by miss froy
  4. Hi is this a quiz ? what are these certain notes............... i only have the ordinary notes?
  5. Brilliant many thanks that's very helpful ,i've just finished two flat mounted reeds blocks for a friend for his melodeon and am working on a sort of maccann duet hybrid along with this frankenstein double tier flat mounted miniature hohner liliput single reed block ,so he can use full size 16mm swanky reeds opposed to the 14.5 mm they come with,i have a friend that works at a tech center and can get free down time on the 3d printer all very exciting but only for the shed dwellers lol many thanks
  6. Hi chris thanks for the reply ,sorry i wasn't clear as i understand it accordion reeds have identical reed size and slots on both sides of a single reed plate ,they play the same note on pull and push but melodeons have a different note on pull and push so do the melodeon reeds have a different reed size and slot on the reeds plate to achieve the change in pitch or are they identical like the accordion reeds and the pitch change is created by tuning (removing filing metal from the tip or base of the reed) basically are the reeds the same in melodeons and accordion or are melodeon reeds specifically made with different pitch as standard, i,m just finishing the drawing to 3d print anglo reed pans but am thinking about using different types of reeds ,i was heading down the midi route but i,ve had second thoughts many thanks
  7. Hi guys been playing around with a melodeon "yes i know the dark side lol" my wheatstone has the the reeds screwed to the reed blocks but the melodeon has riveted reeds ,with a different note on pull and push ,my question is :are melodeon reeds the same as accordion reeds "just tuned" or are they different reeds and reed cavity sizes on either side of the single reed plate? many thanks
  8. Hi matt making bellows is great fun and very rewarding i,m sure you have seen this page http://hmi.homewood.net/bellows/ i basically copied this process but the first couple i did on a test budget just to get a feel for construction ,cheap mount board,egyptian cotton strips (old duvet cover) for cambric tape ,dyed chamois leather,gussets and ebay 0.6 leather scraps and i had surprisingly good results made for a cheap and cheerful lachenal anglo ,i'm going to make a set of bellows for a friends tiny hohner liliput melodeon but cut not folded card like a concertina its a cheap and easy way to learn ,how and what you need and at worst you will have a set of tuning bellows it ain't brain surgery lol george
  9. john i sent you a pm but i,m not great with the internet stuff tell me if you have received it george
  10. Hi theo have been on your site very nice ,do you have any more info on the 39k box? george
  11. Just to add, i thought i would see if a member might have bought a mccann duet and just didn't click. i started on a mccann but bought a vintage 30k anglo foolishly thinking muscle memory and the human brain would allow me to adjust ! what actually happened was it became so confusing i couldn't play either lol perhaps it was just my human brain ,but i then had a rather expensive anglo sitting in a box for ages that i was never going to play george
  12. hi thanks dave i have that one along with two at hobgoblin ,they have two 39k i thought i would look privately first to see whats available i,m happy to pay a good price i,m not looking for bargain basement ,unless its in the bargain basement lol george
  13. Hi guys i played a duet for several years ,i had a bad wrist injury and have arthritis i had two lovely wheatstone 46k and a 55k sadly sold both of them late fifties so thought that was that ............ but recently i played on a friends 39k and it actually felt comfortable and made me realise how much i missed my boxes so i'm looking for preferably a 39k but a 46k would be great ,condition? fully restored or a fixer upper ,really any condition considered george
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