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    Jeffries Anglo And Lachenal Treble English Concertinas Fs

    Both concertinas still available. Can bring to Willie Clancy Week, if any Irish buyers are interested.
  2. I'm posting on behalf of a friend who has two concertinas for sale: C Jeffries Anglo in Bb/F concert pitch, 39 buttons, metal ends and buttons. It's a very nice instrument that plays well. Would buy it myself, if I could afford it! See pictures.. Looking for £4000. Lachenal Treble English Concertina, 48 buttons, wooden ends, metal buttons. Not sure about the reeds, but steel, I think. Can't really comment on how it plays, as I'm not an English concertina player, but seems in good playing order. £800. Any questions (such as the "extra" buttons on the Jeffries, just ask. Hopefully the pictures should give you a reasonable idea.
  3. nickpassmore

    Looking For A Bb/f Anglo

    Probably not what you're looking for, but I have a friend who is selling a Jeffries 39 button Bb/F with metal ends and buttons. Looking for £4000. I'm just going to post it up for her now, so check that listing for more details and pictures, if you're interested.