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  1. The tuning is in C/G with the C# being the 1st button on the top row of the right side - on the push.
  2. Photos changed to .jpg, not great at the computer tech stuff, but give me a tune ....
  3. Thanks for the heads up on the files, will change the photos to jpeg and edit the post.
  4. 22 Button Lachenal Concertina for sale. Purchased refurbished from Greg Giowaisas in 2015. Rosewood ends, no cracks, bone bushed buttons, 5-fold bellows. Steel reeds and all-important RH C#. Greg had mentioned that he thought it had a very good set of reeds. Soft case included. Selling to partially fund an octave mandolin purchase. Will make the Concertina.net donation if it sells thru the site. $850.
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