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  1. I am fairly new to concertina. (as you can tell by my question!!) I have always played sitting down. I do a knee vibrato of sorts.. I think it sounds good. Two questions.. Is there away to accomplish this sound when standing to play? Also what other techniques can be used for sound change. Is there a topic already on this.. thanks in advance. Pam
  2. PJS


    The concertina tab I got from this post had measures written out as A a A a... that was first measure.. I assumed it was an Am chord the whole way. The second measure was F f C c So was that F chord and C chord?? or something else on the concertina.. Sorry for being so vaque, I just don't know how to read the tab. Thanks for the chords that you use, I appreciate that!! the fifth measure represents the second ending. sorry for the confusion.. thanks again.
  3. PJS

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    How are the corners reinforced? glued on? I guess my issue is I just how to put extra stuff in. I can find a chord or a double stop but then what. I do have Amazing slowdowner so will try that. thanks
  4. PJS


    Not used to reading Concertina tab. I have EC so I know that tune Zelda is written out on anglo. I want to know the chords to it. by measure I am guessing. Am I close?? thanks a bunch 1. Am 2. F C 3. C E7 4. E7 Am 5. E7 Am Bpart 1. Am 2. Am Dm 3.Dm E7 4. E7 Am 5. E7 Am
  5. PJS

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    I appreciate the artist info. I was familiar with Mark Gilston and love his style. Just wondering if there are any tutor videos on how to add the ornaments or whatever you call it and add chords to the music, when and where. It seems that listening to artist music goes so fast that it is hard to hear or see what they might be doing. I play other instruments, fiddle, hammered dulcimer, so I hear the ornaments somewhat but don't know how to add it to my music on the EC. I was watching Rachel Hall video, she is setting her EC on her lap right in the middle of the bellows. Is this optimal? I thought it would wear out the bellows if you did that sort of thing. Also regarding bellows. If there is wear on the bellows from rubbing on clothing etc, can you rotate just the leather part of the bellows?? I know stupid question but I am a sponge trying to learn!! thanks a bunch to anyone that might be able to help.
  6. PJS


    Just starting to think about playing something besides straight melody line. For those that play EC for this tune, what else would you do with it. Add some double stops here and there or what.. thanks for info.
  7. PJS

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    I have progressed somewhat since starting. Finding notes easier, getting into different keys, mostly C, G, D. I would like to have an idea of what else to work on. Like snappier notes, or knee vibrato (for lack of what else to call it) How to incorporate chords into songs and how to do that. Anything you can share would be great. thanks a bunch.
  8. PJS

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    Thanks for all your suggestions. I sure appreciate it. I am not ready yet but do you know of some examples of starting to add extra things like chords and rhythm etc thanks again
  9. PJS

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    Is there a saved forum if info for new players. I Want to know how to start out. Learn to play scales first? are there DVD's or other info available to help get started. I have watched simon thoumire's series of 6 info and they were very good. Is there a place to watch what else can be done besides simple melody. thanks a bunch. I know I am not ready for that, but just want a glimpse of things to come!! I should say that I am working on English concertina. I ordered one but dont have it yet. I have been working on my ipad with a app for now. I do play other musical instruments and do read notation to some extent. Thanks a bunch.
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