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  1. With all due modesty, Gary Coover did not mention that he has made considerable efforts to annotate the playing style of the instrumentalists he mentions. The written results can be found here: www.amazon.co.uk/Anglo-Concertina-Harmonic-Style-Coover/dp/0615747353 - there are other book sellers! Or if you prefer to look and listen try: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDAFAr6LGkx39G50Zl2L3OssL2o9T_kBn Chas
  2. I think this is the "Cefn Coed Polka" which appears in Brian's tune book "Rattle and Roll". He recorded it on his CD "Lines". Chas
  3. John Connor made me some new bellows about a year ago and the contact details you have were correct then. We communicated both by phone and by letter. I seem to recall that John "didn't do" email. Chas
  4. Dave Mallinson has published "Bal Folk" which contains many of the tunes from the Massif Central books. For some editorial background information have a look at http://accordeonaire.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/update-bal-folk-tune-book.html Chas
  5. You should find what you need at www.mustrad.org.uk/ecmw.htm Chas
  6. Dave Elliott has quite a comprehensive checklist in his concertina maintenance manual - see 3.3 Examination for Purchase Chas
  7. Well done again. I must put this on my Christmas list. Chas
  8. I see that Mally's Traditional Music Store has two new concertina tutors: The Anglo Concertina Absolute Beginners - Chris Sherburn and Dave Mallinson - http://www.mally.com/results.asp?CategoryID=22 The English Concertina Absolute Beginners - Alex Wade and Dave Mallinson - http://www.mally.com/results.asp?CategoryID=43 The Anglo tutor concentrates mainly on a single note style, so it is in contrast to the excellent recent addition to Anglo tutoring material from Gary Coover - http://www.anglotutor.com/. Chas
  9. A small correction for Packington's Pound which I have checked with Gary: In bar 13 the third note should be a pulled 3, rather than a 2.
  10. I reckon you are playing "Banks of the Dee". See you at Winster. Chas
  11. Thanks for the explanation which makes perfect sense. The stave line represents the "normal" tune; the button numbers an adaptation for the anglo which sometimes may differ. I think JW plays a 39 key, so he may well have that D on the pull. By the way, I have enjoyed your Youtube offerings before, so it is nice to be able to put a name to Angloconc! Chas
  12. There may be a mistake in bar 12 of Fieldtown Processional on page 94 regarding button numbers. I reckon the pulled 2 should be a pushed 8. This is just a piece I picked up at random - I haven't worked my way through each page this far yet! Chas
  13. This book sounded very interesting so I ordered from Amazon UK on Saturday. With customary effeciency it arrived on Tuesday by standard post. I have only managed a cursory glance so far, but I doubt I will be disappointed from what I have seen. Well done to Gary. Chas
  14. I have had a little play around now and checked all my chord diagrams against your simulator. It seems to works fine for this. Really useful. Well done. Chas Thanks - I'll add that one to the next build. I'm really only interested in 'standard' builds as the variation in the field is massive! Once I master 'cookies', users can edit/ save/ automatically reload any more idiosyncratic layouts. Is there any 'standard' for duets? C
  15. Chris - here is my layout which is the "standard" (I believe) for the Crabb 40 button anglo. There are 3 differences on the accidental buttons from the "standard" Wheatstone layout. Chas >> E A C♯ A A♭ F♯ E♭ C♯ A A♭ C♯ A C > C G C E G B♭ >> F C E G C E B D G B D F >>>> B♭ G B D G B >>>>> >>>>> >>>> push> >>> D >> F♯ >>>>> >>>>> >> C = Crabb/Wheatstone 40 key C/G layout >> F B♭ E♭ G B♭ C♯ C♯ E♭ G B♭ E♭ F D > G B D F A C♯ >> G B D F A B A F♯ A C E A♭ >>>> A♭ F♯ A C E F♯ >>>>> >>>>> >>>> pull> >>> A >> E >>>>> >>>>> >> C
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