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  1. Hi I would like to hear more about your Kensington. I have a starter concertina and I’m looking to upgrade. I’m also in Oregon. Thanks Mary

    1. mike_s


      As you probably know Dana only makes basically one model.  It's 30 buttons, key of C/G.  Not sure of the age as I'm not the original owner.  As I understand it, Dana made it for a friend of his.  He also assisted the person I bought it from with finding it (he later moved on to a Carroll).  I have some bone spurs in my left hand which is severely hindering my ability to play.  So, rather than have it just sit in its case, I'm toying with selling it.  I will be taking some photos later and can send some your way if you want.  I live in Bend.  I'll be looking to get about $3K out of it.


      Thanks for your interest,


    2. mike_s




      I need your email so I can send photos.




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