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  1. Hi. Could you describe post a picture?
  2. Thank you all for the information. I see several good choices. John 's
  3. Hi. Also a luthier by avocation, hooked on boxes. This was my solution to massive frete damage on a very old Jones 26. I used some of the old wood and removed a ton of unnecessary support "cleats" that deadend the right side. It fits my pseudonym and I figure I could always redo it with more traditional fretework if I ever want to sell it
  4. Thanks. Was afraid of something like that. I guess I was hoping for a repro... or? a source for used or salvage. I can re-shape the box face if necessary.
  5. My apologies if the subject has been covered too many times before but... Are there replacement locks for the old wooden storage boxes available? I don't think anyone expected the litte mechanisms to be in daily service for a century or more.
  6. This was my solution to massive damage and material loss. I removed the heavy backing that deadend the treble end, while reusing the old repair materials.
  7. Thanks. I've a wide variety of varnishes.I do a lot of violin, repair/rebuild/refinish.
  8. Hi. Just swapped my old bellows out and placed the new papers. My question is this, should I "glaze" or protect the papers in some fashion?
  9. Although it's still a work in process... I wanted to reopen the treble side(there was heavy wooden bracing underneath) and still use the old repair materials. If I wanted to, I could always re-do it in a more traditional manner with new materials.
  10. Thank you Randy. I'm a novice anglo player(backround is violin) and easily excited. It looks to have been untouched for a good many years but I'm afraid playing it will be well over my head. I also picked up a Jones 26 at the same time, that I'll keep. May I ask your help in dating it? Serial 10210. I haven't had much luck. Again, thank you for your time. JH
  11. Thank you for the info. 1890s is fairly "young" for violins as well.
  12. Clever is right. Does look like a nicely done alteration. The concertina seems very old though, I'd like to try and date it. I'm learning that with lachenal there may always be some mystery. Also, I'm a true anglo novice and the Mccann system is probably well over my head.
  13. Acquired a very old Mccann of unknown origin. Serial number 1514 with steel reeds, 46 buttons and an unusual brass lever instead of an air button. I would appreciate any information. Many Thnx. JH
  14. Thank you so much for the reply. I was guessing as much. But I'd like know who made it and when. 1514 seems a low serial number and I'm not sure how common the brass air lever is? I don't know how much restoration it would need. Sounds very good. No broken fretework, bellows hold well.
  15. Hi, I need some help with this one. I'm an old hand with violins but a novice "box" admirer. Recently acquired a very old mccann of unknown origin. Serial 1514. With brass air lever. Steel reeds. It appears in nice unrestored cond. Would appreciate any info. Many Thnx.
  16. Hi Greg. I've been rebuilding, repairing, refinishing violins for years. I also play chromatic and diatonic harmonica.l have always been interested in concertinas and have had a few toys over the years. Now I've become infatuated with boxes.I aquired an old (126,129) 20 button Lachenal. The next step has become obvious. So I'm looking for a thirty button. Doesn't have to be the top of the line. In fact, I'd rather have a redeemable "learning opportunity" Thank you for the contact. Please let me know if you know of anything. JH
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