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  1. Hey man - little late to this, but I love your video work and style. Definitely eye-opening for what can be done with the instrument. If I only I were back in Germany, I'd come to here you play. Thanks for posting, Steve
  2. hey thanks for all responses! I've rented a Rochelle from Button Box and love it! I can't even imagine wanting to try out the English b/c I'd have to start all over again. So I have a feeling I'll be buying this Rochelle. Plus I really like the Gary Coover books. Thanks again! Steve
  3. thanks all! I will call BB today - their website doesn't say much about rentals other than "we have limited rentals" so maybe it's something they don't like to advertise too much. As for "organic" - I guess I meant like when I breath, breathing in makes a different sound than breathing out - so I thought the Anglo was more like the human body. But also the playing seems to have more "edges" to me, kind of like a harmonica (sorry, not sure how to describe this). Where the EC I've listened to seems to be more like keyboard playing. Could have to do with it being chromatic, too? Could also be some of my favorite guitarists are blues guys and the sloppy bending, vibrating, rhythmic kind of play appeals to me in the guitar world. Not sure - certainly don't want to insult anyone - could also just be who I've listened to. As for Irish school close by, I meant there are masters close by for if and when I want to go beyond accompanying. Finally, your replies have reminded me of something else I've noticed in the past when transferring my guitar skills to ukulele or bass or banjo or even a new guitar piece - learning something new can be harder if it's too close to a pattern that's already ingrained in your muscle memory. It's fine when you're going slow, but then you become stressed (like when learning a new piece) and the old, incorrect pattern keeps coming out - maddening! So it might actually be better if whatever I choose has absolutely nothing in common with guitar lol. I think I'll start with renting an Anglo for a month and seeing how that goes. Thanks again for taking the time to give your POVs. Greatly appreciated, Steve in Connecticut
  4. hi all, first, let me start by saying thank you for all the excellent info on C-Net for helping me decide between Anglo and English concertina. I'm leaning toward Anglo. It sounds more "organic" to me. There's a local Irish music school, and there also seems to be a lot more books available for Anglo C/G. BUT I've read in several places some people just can't ever seem to grok the push/pull having different notes which has me worried. I have played guitar my whole life (well, as long as I can remember - I'm 50 now), but not professionally. I would like to use the 'tina to accompany my singing mostly. I also don't read music and have learned everything by ear and/or guitar tab. I'm fortunate to live about an hour from The Button Box. My plan is to bring two versions of some really simple tab (e.g. Twinkle Twinkle LIttle Star!) - one Anglo and one English version and see if they'll let me try out a Rochelle and a Jackie - hopefully one or the other will speak to me! Does this sound like a good plan - are there any other tests I could do to figure out which one works for me? The other question: Do you think one or the other would be easier for a guitarist to learn? Thanks! Steve
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