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    Folk Music. Theatre. Nature. Gardening. Cittern/Guitar/Concertina.
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  1. Thanks for this John. I like the idea of gold Cs. Not seen that before. How does yours play?
  2. Hi there Whereabouts are you based? I'll be coming to the US in October and may be able to bring it. Thanks
  3. Any interest at £2800? Not sure if I can get any lower than that. Thanks Sid IMG_0734.HEIC
  4. Hi Folks I have a Rosewood ended 48 key Baritone English Wheatstone concertina for sale. I bought it from Chris Algar and have had it overhauled by Steve Dickinson at Wheatstone so it's probably playing as well as it did on leaving the factory. Lovely full low end. Steel reeds. New bellows from Mike Acott. Original wooden, velvet lined case but missing the key and handle. Unfortunately the serial number is missing but it's so similar to my treble wheatstone that I'd guess 1870-1890. With the overhaul I've spent £3400 on it but would happily take £3000 to see it go to a good home. I'm based in Bristol and would prefer a situation where it can be picked up or delivered by myself but open to other scenarios. Video here on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pci4MUb8D24 I'll certainly donate to CNET if I sell it on here. IMG_0734.HEICIMG_0737.HEIC
  5. Hi there A beautiful looking instrument. Is it a extended treble model or Tenor treble please? Thanks
  6. Hi there I've just seen your post about dissolving your collection and want to express my interest in buying a wooden ended baritone Aeola from you. I've been saving for some years to find THE instrument for me as a professional folk musician and would really appreciate you considering me when these become available.

    For interest I'm currently playing a rosewood extended treble wheatstone which I love but having played some Ebony Aeolas recently I'm aware that there's another level achievable on these instruments. 

    All the very best


    Sid Goldsmith

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