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  1. Mr. Kloba: Thank you for your knowledgeable response. This is very helpful since I have decided to restore the instrument myself. I have a good understanding of how mechanical things work (I am an architect) and I enjoy carving and working with wood. I have contacted Columbia Leather Company as you recommended and was unable to order any leather since I have no idea what type I need. They recommended I ask an expert or someone with experience and/or to send them a sample of what is currently in place in the machine itself. Do you have any recommendations for he type and thickness of leathers? Also, do you have any recommendations for the glue that I should use to adhere the leathers to the zinc? After reading information on other posts regarding leathers, I am wondering if each reed needs a leather (I have heard that some of them do not have them). I have looked for glue residue and this is not present, even where leathers were previously in place and are now are obviously missing. Sorry to be a bother, but I do appreciate any information you might be able to provide as I undertake this task. Sincerely, Pemmikan in South Carolina
  2. I am new to the group. I play the accordion (for the past 50 years, beginning at the age of 7) and three different concertinas. I live in upstate South Carolina and play at the local Farmer's Market to keep in practice, and last week a woman gave me with a "Bandonion", in much need of repair. I have attempted to research this since I had never seen anything like it before and it is very much unlike any of my current concertinas. It's apparently a Chemnitzer. My questions: 1. Can anyone make a guess as to the age of it, or tell me how to find this out? 2. Can anyone tell me where I might be able to get spare parts to repair this? 3. Are there any repair shops available in case this exceeds my capabilities? Thanks!
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