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  1. Hi! I want to learn to play sea shanties - like "Fiddler's Green" or "Go to Sea Once More". I can find the lyrics, but I can't find the music. Any ideas? What I would really like is one that shows both notes and chords, such as used in this video for "Go to sea once more" I play fiddle and can read music pretty well. I'm not so good at trying to re-create something by just listening to it. Another question. I'm new to concertina's and the one that I have to use is English. Am I wasting my time wanting to do sea shanties on the English? Most video's I've seen so far were played with the anglo - with the one exception being Fiddler's Green: played by Liam Clancy. Dave
  2. Hi All! I heard Liam Clancy playing Fiddler's Green on an english concertina and it's inspired me to learn this instrument. I've pickup up a Jackie concertina and have started a lesson book. Does anyone know where I could get the sheet music for Fiddler's green - preferrably one with the chords as played in Clancy's video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nxJaeh_cQA
  3. Thanks Geoff! I've been searching the internet for chords, but your simple one line explanation takes care of it.
  4. Hi! This last weekend I purchased my first concertina - an English 30-key Jackie. Haven't found a teacher yet in the SF Bay area yet, so I'm learning by book and YouTube. I have a few questions if someone could answer - 1. My concertina is new. I've been practicing scales but the effort to move the bellows means I can only go for a few minutes before cramping up from the effort. Is this normal? I am balancing the instrument on my knee and have the bellows about half way out. I'm not exactly a little guy and thought I had fairly strong hands. 2. Are there any charts out there that shows chords? Done a bit of searching and all I've found was chord theory. I just want to know what 3 keys to press for a G chord. A lot of the songs I'm interested in shows guitar chords to play with the melody and lot of them only have 3 to 4 chords. Seems it would be simpler to learn 3 chords then to learn the whole melody - or am I totally off here? BTW - I play fiddle and can read music pretty well. Thanks!
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