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  1. This is on the front wall of a house not far from me. I thought the reversed N strange when advertising himself as a mason.
  2. If I had to guess a town in Ireland that not only has a statue of a concertina player, but also puts a picture of it on a tourist leaflet I don’t think that Hollywood, Co. Down would have been my first thought. But there it is. Sadly the text inside refers to the statue of the young boy playing ‘his accordion’! Martin
  3. I suspect this is often because it is just too much of a fiddle to do so. However I do often adjust the straps on my Kensington concertina. Playing while standing, for morris and sometimes in crowded festival sessions, I ideally like the straps slightly tighter than when I am sitting. Before getting the Kensington I rarely bothered, it was just too much hassle ( and too easy to drop the screws). With the Kensington it is so quick and easy that I always do. As as with so many things, I didn’t miss what I hadn’t had, but having got used to having it I would miss it a lot if I no longer had it. Martin
  4. With Dana Johnson’s wonderfully simple system for fixing the hand straps on his Kensington Concertinas it is a matter of seconds to adjust them. Consequently I often do adjust them, most frequently tightening them a notch if I have to play standing up. Like many things, you don’t miss what you never had. With other concertinas it rarely seemed worth the time and effort, but now I’m used to being able to adjust the straps so quickly and simply I would definitely miss it if I no longer could. Martin
  5. I find that to play standing up, which I mainly do when playing for Morris, I need the wrist straps 1 notch tighter than I use when sitting down. The simple mechanism Dana Johnson uses on his Kensington Concertinas makes changing this wonderfully easy. Martin
  6. Can’t see a full list anywhere but in the South West it includes Bodmin on 9th November and Plymouth on 17th. The latter is with Geoff Lakeman.
  7. And having had the pleasure of owning one of Dana’s concertinas since last December I must say that I think his socket head bolts are brilliant! Martin
  8. Steve, I’m not sure left handedness is the reason for it not feeling right when you have the left hand end static. I could say almost exactly all the things you said and I am strongly right handed. Martin
  9. I collected my concertina from Dana just before Christmas last year. It provided the perfect excuse for me and my wife to cross the Atlantic and visit friends in Pennsylvania and Virginia over a Christmas and New Year. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with Dana and collecting the concertina meant I had the real bonus of meeting the maker of such a beautiful instrument in person. It was one of the highlights of the trip . Since then I’ve been thoroughly enjoying playing the concertina, and each time it also brings back memories of what was a great holiday (even though if it was exceptionally cold after Christmas !)
  10. Dave, I understand Jody is at The Royal on 3rd November next year.
  11. Any definition seems to have exceptions. A Schwyzerorgli, has bass buttons that travel towards the bellows and treble buttons that travel towards the player so where would the button direction rule put that? I think few here wouldn't recognize them as accordions. Many players of single row meloeons or Cajun accordions support the instrument with both hands and no shoulder straps, using a thumb strap on the right hand side so have no flying hand. To add to the confusion, I understand that in Portugal the term 'concertina' is generally used to refer to a button accordion, so any rule won't apply there. I'll just settle for calling things concertinas if I think that's what they are. Martin
  12. Carols should start at Dungworth on Wednesday 15th and Sunday19th November if you can fit in a trip to them again next year. Martin.
  13. At least one leather worker in the UK offers made to measure hexagonal cases. http://leatherforfolkies.co.uk/shop/music/hexagonal-concertina-case/
  14. I spotted one at a session at Whitby festival this year. Asked the owner about it,and he kindly let me have a play on it. It was a G/ D (which is what is mostly play) and felt/sounded good, but this was only a brief go. The owner was certainly very pleased with it. Martin
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