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  1. Previously listed as a Jeffries Duet System NOW listed as a Wheatstone MacCann Duet. Thanks. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMESE%3AIT&rd=1
  2. I only did it the way it should be done, but thanks. Cindy
  3. I have now relisted this MacCann Duet on ebay, http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMESE%3AIT&rd=1
  4. HMT was good to their word. I received a $50.00 check in the mail today. I have just sent my promised $50.00 PayPal payment to Paul. Thanks again.
  5. Perhaps this will help clear the good name of The House of Musical Traditions (HMT) as well as help this forum. I, in no way, thought that the misidentification of my instrument was intentional....just that the "identification" was a bit hastey (sp?), in fact - it was immediate. But, in Mr. Eisner's message to me, he readily agreed to refund my full $50 appraisal fee which, when received, I will forward at once to you guys. You folks are the ones who really "did" my appraisal. Thanks once again, and ....for the record...the people at HMT are extremely nice people and were very apologetic for the mistake made in identifying this instrument..
  6. I apologize if I am cluttering your forum, but felt I owed a short update to all of those kind enough to offer input. I have ended the eBay listing for my instrument and will list again w/ better photos. I e-mailed House of Musical Traditions and received a rapid telephone reply from the owner, David Eiser, who had spoken with Ms. Morrison. He was kind enough to offer an apology stating this has never happened before and granted his permission to post a "retraction" in my next eBay listing for the incorrect identification that I received from Ms. Morrison. Perhaps more importantly to this posting, if the concertina sells in the next listing, I will absolutely, positively contribute to this forum via Paypal. You are a wonderfully helpful bunch of folks and I am very, very appreciative. Thank You.
  7. Thanks for that suggestion and I have done so. As soon as I hear back from him/her I will end the listing for the reason that there was an error in the listing. I will relist as I too, now, am convinced after consuming all of the extremely helpful correspondence and hours more of internet research, that this is a MacCann/McCann (I even have learned about the issues re: the correct spelling.) Thanks again to all!!! PS I too will be contacting the House of Musical Traditions on Tues. and will post their response to my unhappiness.
  8. Thanks for the detailed responses. I have indeed tried (unsuccessfully) to contact Nick Robertshaw both via email (5/19/05) thru his webpage AND by telephone (5/25/05). If Ms. Morrison in Takoma Park, MD was correct, Mr. Robertshaw does not live very far from me, perhaps 30ish miles and I suggested in my correspondence to him that perhaps he might be willing to meet to take a look at this instrument. I am not musically inclined, and when I took the instrument to The House of Musical Traditions (a 2 hour round trip) Ms. Morrison did not give me any information regarding the various keys. I know that I should really cancel this listing and I suppose that I will, but I am genuinely disheartened at the fact that I thought I had done just what was needed to take care of listing this beautiful instrument properly. P.S. Ms Morrision also commented on the "decorations" (my word) on the ends of the instrument - that she had never seen such before.
  9. I am a bit frustrated in my attempt to sell this instrument. Ebay does not allow me to make any changes in the listing (ie. change the title from jeffries to jeffries"?" or to add the word MacCann) BECAUSE the listing has a bid. I cannot change the title, add a photo or make any other salient changes. In the meantime, feeling that I have paid for ($50) an expert opinion as to the identification of this instrument, that may very well be incorrect, I am stuck with the option of cancelling the listing, but then what do I have? - I can relist but use what wording? I have only the visual identification of people have made using my posted pictures vs. the paid-for tactile and visual inspection/appraisal of an "expert". What's an honest seller to do? The next closest place to me for another "expert opinion" is Mass. and a trip there (from Md) is certainly not worth the time/or money.
  10. I am posting here at the suggestion of another. I have just listed what I have been advised is a Wheatstone (possibly) Jeffries Duet System Concertina on ebay. Item number is 7326256840. I have much experience selling (& buying) on ebay and thus my choice to sell it via that forum. Since I listed it, a reader has stated that it is actually not a Jefferies System but a McCaan (sp). I listed 10 photos on ebay with the description that I was given by the concertina expert at the House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park, Md where I hand carried the instrument for an expert opinion. I would welcome any input about this instrument, primarily because I want it to get into the right hands and for any new owner not to be disappointed.
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