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  1. Greetings, How has your progress been? For what it its worth, six years after the original post, I am doing some teaching in Irvine. Cheers, Carl
  2. Greetings, i came across this gent in Glendale, CA this past weekend. The print is labelled H.H. Harris, Pontiac Mich. The box is an Anglo. So anyways, enjoy the photo. Cheers
  3. I have a postcard of a youth concertina band in blackface from around the 1920's (my guess). It's interesting to know how late the practice continued. The Carolina Chocolate Drops are fantastic. If you have a chance check out some of their interviews where they talk about their approach to retaining the essence of the historical music while avoiding negative aspects of the genre.
  4. Thanks! Great stuff. Could be Anglo or English (tho I guess probably is English, being with a pianoforte). You are correct, it is intended for English.
  5. Although a bit more spendy, I may try starting with one of these. Perhaps to get the same angle of the traditional strap without those issues that cause concern. Bass Drum Harness
  6. Did you use commercially prepared valves, or did you use the chamois or some other type of leather and make them yourself? I used the valves from Concertina Connection and used gum arabic as the adhesive. But any of the suppliers will do beautifully. Even though the price does add up a bit, I think it is worth it to leave the cutting to someone with a proper punch!
  7. From a photocopy stuffed in a bookcase. For your reading pleasure... Three tunes performed by the Ethiopian Serenaders as arranged by Joseph Warren. Perhaps a bit non-PC, but still fun! Ethiopian Serenaders on Wikipedia Warren.pdf
  8. An instrument I recently received also had issues, from the photo you can see the blackened chamois from the air passing between chambers and the blackened valves. I redid the chamois with some swell stuff from Target and glued it with gum arabic. I also replaced each of the valves. I suspect the the reader will be able to tell the new valves from old! This moderate amount of work made the instrument decently playable.
  9. For another instrument, I am going to try to cobble something together along tallship's suggestion. It's a very inexpensive experiment. In the long run, I'll go with whatever works best.
  10. I use the one from Concertina Connection on my 1902 Aeola. Being a sturdy cord it has held the box quite well. I would recommend giving it a try - especially if you don't always have the luxury of sitting.
  11. Greetings, For your listening enjoyment the Alexander Prince Christmas Selection. The audio quality is poor, but so was the condition of the record! Cheers, Carl
  12. Greetings, I have put up my remaining lot (15 left from the run of 20) of ES&MIC Concertina Band on EBay. These are 8x10 photo prints done on Kodak Metallic paper and have a fabulous old-timey look. Many of the defects have been 'corrected' from the highly damaged original, but still looks old. The photo features a number of Duet and English! Edeophones and Aeolas clearly shown! ESMIC Ebay AD Link If you purchase, and contact me with the mention of Concertina.net, I will refund the $5 shipping fee! Cheers, Carl
  13. My radical plan... 10 minutes per day. Shock! Horror! Some may say. I've found ten minutes may last up to 45 or more! But Trying to plan the allocation of 45 minutes or an hour may often seem like too much of an impact on the schedule - and then not happen. Keep the box handy! A few minutes often will be more productive than a few marathon sessions. Cheers, Carl
  14. Greetings All, I contacted the Lawrence, MA historical society about the initials. Their best guess was: Economic Social Club and Masters in Chancery Not a perfect match, but certainly close enough!
  15. Nothing regular at this time until I can gather enough folks to get some momentum going! Until then, we can make your visits an event! Cheers, Carl
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