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  1. Looks the same as mine, Takayuki. Do you know the serial number?
  2. Thanks for that Les. I have a SA G/D as well. Larger than the Ab/Eb, so I suspect it hasn't been tuned down.
  3. Hi, any experts on Lachenal Salvation Army concertinas? Just acquired an A flat/ E flat 30 key, serial number on a slip of paper 162462. Would be grateful for any info. Thanks, Jason.
  4. A YouTube video of three slides from the Dublin launch of 'The Northern Concertina' on 27-2-16 in the Cobblestone Bar: Denis Murphy's / Sporting Paddy / To Hell with Austerity. The second one is a well-known reel that I transformed into a slide, the third is my own composition. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/8SKocsKwCrM The album is available online at:http://jasonorourke.bandcamp.com/
  5. Jason and Stevie Dunne play a set of polkas from Jason's new album The Northern Concertina. The tunes are John Brosnan's/The Frozen Mouse Polka/Timmy McCarthy's. 'The Frozen Mouse Polka' composed by Jason. The concertina is a 1922 30-key C/G Jeffries. https://youtu.be/HRdiOS32oPo You can listen to the album here: https://jasonorourke.bandcamp.com/releases
  6. Hi Doug, thanks for asking. The CD and digital downloads are all on my bandcamp page now: https://jasonorourke.bandcamp.com/releases Think that's probably the best way at the moment, I'm still trying to figure out PayPal buttons for the new website. Cheers, J
  7. If you're around Belfast on Saturday 12th September, I'll be launching my new album in An Droichead cultural centre, just off the Ormeau Road at 8 p.m. It's a free event. Hope to see some fellow concertina players there! Cheers, Jason.
  8. I couldn't have put it better myself David. Also, I think other great players such as Keith Kendrick and John Roberts would disagree with the statement. NH used to play an old wooden-ended, bone-buttoned Bb Jeffries that he said was very difficult. I've had a similar experience, because compared to the C/G with metal buttons, there is less response in the action as there is less weight behind the buttons, and the larger reeds are also less responsive. I can see where Ross is coming from - my 30 key C/G which was done up by Steve Dickinson is a flying machine, with a very light action - it wouldn't suit everyone. To address another point - the Jeffries layout is perfect for Irish music. Especially if you put the two C# keys on the same button. I have another 39 key Charles Jeffries C/G recently restored by Steve as well. It's a beauty, and of historical interest since it still has the 2 music-hall bird call buttons on it. I think a lot of owners ripped those out in the past. I *may* be putting the 39 key up for sale. If you're interested email me.
  9. Hi Sharron If you're playing it on a C/G system, start it on A. I couldn't tell you what the original key was for it, cos the guy I got it off (the composer, 'Patou') played it on a bombard, which is in Eb or Bb. That's a nice one to work out ;-) PS Patou told me that when he played the CD to his father, he cried (he didn't tell me whether this was a good sign or not). All the best, Jason
  10. On my way to the dole office to sign on some years ago I found myself whistling: 'we're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz' etc Answers on a postcard please.
  11. It does seem to start out similar to the "Pipers' Despair" in O'Neill's (which is in Em), but shares little more than the chords structure after the first couple of measures. It abandons even that with the natural notes, and it's missing the significant internal repetition of the O'Neill's version. I wonder how long ago the two versions diverged, if indeed they did evolve from one tune.s Hello folks, I only just found this thread. If I'd known how much fun could be had by transposing a tune down a key and then playing it on a Bb/F concertina I would have done it more often ;-) We did do some more Bb/f stuff on the new CD (shameless plug) but I don't recall transposing any of the tunes. I think I added the natural notes myself, but only when playing it in Dm (or Cm). When playing in Em, the usual session key, I don't think I bother. Does that help? Cheers, Jason
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