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  1. Reporting in, folks; I met with Greg this afternoon, and he was wonderful to talk with. He had a large number of english concertinas for me to try out, and try them out I did. But with this being my first time even holding a concertina, I got more out of hearing Greg play with regards to hearing the differences among the various instruments. He let me play around with his high-end instruments, and that was rather amazing, and it gives me something to work toward. The instrument I chose was his Lachenal Vickers, which is a five-fold bellows instrument with brass reeds, which should hopefully make it easier for me to play chords. I'm learning to walk before I run, and I'm getting quicker with the simple scale. I figure once I can do the scale automatically I'll be able to start taking bigger steps forward. So thanks everyone for your advice and opinions. Those who spoke highly of Greg were right on. Greg was great and really made me feel better taking the leap into the unknown world of the english concertina. Oh, and I had no idea concertinas was so beautiful. Youtube and pictures on the internet just do not do them justice. I really look forward to the time when I can play my first song.
  2. I know what you mean, Roger. A vintage instrument really appeals to me. I find it amazing that so many of the prized instruments are so old. I'm a big history nerd in the first place, so I'd love to have an instrument that has been thru a lot of it. We'll see what Greg has in that regard and what will fit into my budget.
  3. Thanks everyone for your advice and insights. I do plan on taking Greg up on his generous offer. Hopefully I'll be serenading/tormenting my wife before too long. I'll be sure to report back which instrument becomes THE instrument.
  4. Thanks guys, and Bob, thanks for the link. I'll take a look at the video later (I'm at work now and shouldn't even be doing this! O.o) And Greg, I'll PM you about your generous offer.
  5. Thanks for the recommendation, Bob. Would the 30-button Jackie be able to produce most "normal" chords? I find most of the songs I play use G, G7, D, Dm, D7, Dsus4, C, A, A7, Am, E, Em, E7, F, Bm, B7, Bm7. Maybe the better question would be, what chords would not be possible on the 30 button jackie? Sorry if these questions aren't very good, I don't have formal music training, and may not understand what I'm asking even.
  6. Hi folks, I've been interested in learning the concertina for a while now. I like the sound, I like the size, and I love music. I play and sing along to the guitar and mountain dulcimer already, so I am familiar with chords, and I'd like to do the same with the concertina. It seems entry-level concertinas are more expensive than entry level versions of many other instruments, so I've really been trying to do my research prior to parting with the cash. I think I've narrowed it down to the Jackie EC, which the Button Box has for a bit over $400. But the Button Box also has a used Stagi A-48 for $750. The reason why the Stagi speaks to me is because it is 48 button instead of the 30 on the Jackie, so it seems like the Stagi would be more versatile in terms of available chords. But I haven't been able to find any reviews on the Stagi, while there are tons of positive reviews for the Jackie. Ultimately my goal is that I fall in love with the EC and in a few years I "upgrade" to a more professional-level instrument, in which case I would likely still keep the Stagi as a back-up or "travel" instrument. I like to play music that I can sing along to, such as a lot of Dubliners songs, CCR, Dire Straights, Cat Stevens, Van Morrison (easy guitar stuff). I don't play in front of people, other than my poor wife, and my dog and cat. I just love to sing along to the music I play. So can anyone tell me if I should indeed pull the trigger on the Stagi vs. the Jackie? I've been lurking for the past couple weeks and appreciate what I've been reading on the forum and I appreciate any guidance in my endeavor.
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