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  1. Hello Dowright, Thanks for your work on dating Lachenals. I would be grateful if you could give me a date for my English concertina; 60-key, raised metal ends and brass reeds. It has the number 47706 stamped into the left metal end and Lachenal on the right side. Many thanks John
  2. I've taken a few photos of a second lock I made at the same time and haven't got round to finishing yet - It's made of a brass disc I cut from 1.2mm sheet and turned the edge round on a lathe. The slot was cut with a piercing saw and a thin square "cage"was hard soldered on the back. Then I made a thicker (c. 2mm) action plate which has a bevel to allow the latch to slide in easily. The action plate is moved with the little brass button that goes through the disc and slides in a rounded slot. I used a spring from an ballpoint pen to keep the action plate "up". Hope this makes things clearer, otherwise send me a P.M and I'll try to describe it better. Adrian Thanks Adrian - pretty much self explanatory from the photos. A project for winter, I think. regards, john
  3. Beautiful craftsmanship and, as said before, inspirational. is there any chance of posting more details of the lock? Thanks
  4. Hello, this is my first post on here, so please be gentle! My name is John Musgrave from Preston, Lancashire and I play for a couple of local Morris sides as well as a couple of ceildhi bands. I play melodeon & English concertina (Lachenal) as well as having a Wakker EMS-048 MIDI concertina which I mainly use to give a bass rhythm if we are short of our regular bass guitarist. Unfortunately the battery in the EMS has finally given up and no longer holds it's charge. I would like to replace the battery but unfortunately there are no markings on it and I've not been able to get any details from the Concertina Connection as the company that provided the electronics is no longer in business. So.... my question is simple.... does anyone know the details for this battery? I have a feeling that it is a 3.6V lithium ion but have no idea of the capacity etc. Any clues would be gratefully appreciated and if anyone knows a source for a replacement, I would be extremely happy. Many thanks.
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