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  1. I’m very interested- sent you a pm!
  2. Where are you located, and what price range are you thinking for the ESB? I have a 1912 metal-ended standard pitch Lachenal with a sweet tone that I’m looking to sell or trade.
  3. Yes, I’d love to hear how it sounds, too. Thanks!
  4. I have a Jackie that I’d love to go to a new home- I played it for about 6 months before moving to a Morse, but have since switched to Anglo. If your friend is interested, let’s talk- I’d be willing to sell it for a pretty low price!
  5. Awesome!! Can you email me and we can see about me going down there to meet it? kellitrujillo@me.com
  6. Ceili has gone back home to the Button Box.
  7. I have a Morse Ceili for sale. Jeffries layout, rosewood finish, hard case, about a year and 9 months old. No problems at all - just needing to sell because I am moving up to a Kensington which should be shipped to me in a few days! New they are $2550, asking $2000 plus shipping charges. Donation to concertina.net will be made if sold through here. Contact kellitrujillo@me.com for more info, pictures, soundfiles, etc.
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