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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions - brilliant! I'd forgotten "The West Wind" and didn't know some of the others John suggested. I've got a Mick O'Brien cd somewhere so I'll have to dig it out... I do play several of the tunes suggested - and particularly like the "Virginian" and "The Wandering Minstrel". Other pipe tunes I always seem to return to are "The Pipe on the Hob" (the D version jig, I got it from Kevin Rowsome's playing with the great band "Afterhours") and also "The Yellow Wattle" - another lovely modal jig. Another possibly more rare pipe composed tune - again from "Afterhours" is the slip jig "The Regal Slip" composed by piper Thomas Lynch. I got my version of the "Gold Ring" from the H C Clarke; "New Approach to Uilleann Piping" it's a great book with lots of tunes and tips on ornamentation - and lot's of pipe tunes of course! In Orkney I was lucky enough to hear the Highland pipes a lot - and got to know a piper who played the Irish pipes as well. He turned me on to Gordon Duncan and Hamish Moore amongst others. Some of the tunes I learnt were "The Spanish Piper" and The Celtic Matador" (jigs) and a four part D version of the "Moving Cloud" which is great on the concertina... Also "The Fun Dog" which is a brilliant 4 part reel, and "Malts on the Optics" - (The have some great titles up North). Thanks everyone for the suggestions and I'll check out those Northumbrian tunes as well - plus that "Because He Was a Bonnie Lad". Cheers Mike.
  2. Thanks John - I've got the Patsy Touhey - its a great book and recording - I actually started with a Seamus Ennis album about 25 years ago and have many pipe tunes that I play (including Scottish ones I learnt while living in the Northern Isles). Mine question was more of a general enquiry - I wanted to know if tina players were gravitating towards pipe tunes - and if you all have some favourites... (Sorry if the question was a bit vague..!) Cheers Mike Fairbairn. BTW - I've just changed my user name - as I hadn't been on the site for years. Now I think its better to use just my actual name. Also - it says "new member" and I'm not!
  3. Hi - just wondering if anyone likes playing pipe tunes on the Anglo? It's easy to see the piping origins of some tunes - and they fit the range well. For instance the reels "The Old Bush" - "Boil the Breakfast Early" - "Within a Mile of Dublin" - "The Honeymoon" - "The Steampacket" - "The Dublin reel (in D) - they all seem very pipey to me... Any further "very pipey" tune suggestion would be appreciated - thanks.
  4. Hi Zenaida - the air button on many concertinas is too short - even on top end hand made models. I got mine extended by Colin Dipper and it worked perfectly. Even on my original Lachenal I just glued a cap onto the top of the button and that worked. You shouldn't have to bend your thumb inwards hardly at all and it definitely shouldn't be uncomfortable. Also as someone else said, the spring shouldn't be to strong either. Its very common to have to make changes to the straps/buckles/buttons/springs to get a concertina just right. For air button technique, you can also practise playing notes while easing the air button in - just enough so the note keeps going , but the bellows move faster than they would do otherwise! This can ease the impact of notes - mostly on slow tunes, in time hopefully I'll do some youtube vids on this and other stuff. The air button is vital to get right, if it's used in the right place in a tune everything is easier... Cheers Mike Fairbairn.
  5. Hi everyone, I have rejoined concertina net after a fair break, (I made a only few posts back five or six years ago.) I've started teaching/playing full time again now I've relocated near Nottingham UK - previously I taught at the Wrigley's school of music in Orkney. You can look up my bio etc up on the UK music teachers website - just put in 'concertina/harmonica lessons' Nottingham. I teach Irish and Scottish session tunes, with all associated techniques on the anglo (I play an 18 year old Dipper). At present nearly everyone enquiring about lessons wants blues harmonica - which is great - but it would be nice to teach tina again. Thanks for reading, I'm not sure this really qualifies as a 'topic' or not..! Look forward to having my door trampled down by a herd of students. Cheers Mike Fairbairn.
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