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  1. I have an anglo concertina of 20 keys, and i wonder what kind of tunes i can play whit it, and what can i do for an easy start. I ask most for generes and so, i could say i like Irish tunes, but i actually can´t tell the diference, thats why i wanna know first what generes are available and what are they diferences.
  2. well yhea i dont give so much information. i dont really know what is a C/G tho i prefer learn by ear, but a tab is good for start i think and i dont really know what kind of music i can choose from
  3. Hi, im new in this, and im bought a Anglo of 20 keys, im searching for tunes that can be played on it, any recomendations?
  4. Not a big problem, if you have a computer. If you work with written music -- whether staff notation or ABC, -- there are plenty of computer-based tools these days for transposing it into more "comfortable" keys. you know the name of those tools?
  5. i only have to say that is a Bonetti, again, there was not much to chose from, but i recived it yesterday, and work well it maybe sounds kinda stupid or "newbie" but i mained to want do some covers or simples melodies of games or series, but also im interested in folk, for example, one of the tunes i want to play it is "Gymnopédie no.1" But still, I am open to learn what it can be possible, i mean, i already have it.
  6. Gary thanks you very much! now i remember, the concertina have a little book called "ABC Basics of Concertina" i gonna do my best for have it a try at least one time a day! thank you for the welcome!
  7. Thank you very much! i see, then im gonna do my best for now whit the 20 keys. its there a good piece to start to practice?
  8. Hi, im new into this of the concertina, i just buy a Anglo of 20 keys (is the only type i found, and i cant expend, on e-bay, i dont found in my country) but i see the 30 keys its most commun. how many differences are into this two? thanks and sorry for my english!
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