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  1. Thank you to all you CNET contributors who engaged in this project. I know I will eventually get around to learning the fingering. I hope this will be of benefit to more CNET newbies like me when they get confused about originality and authenticity of instruments. Long Live the CNET
  2. I wonder what is the significance of the writing shown here?
  3. Hi Guys Photos as promised before I am excluded for hogging the CNET. Trish
  4. Hi Guys EUREKA You were right the number is wrong. I opened the monster and lo and behold I found the stamp. No 23102. I will post photos of her interior and a close up of the label. The plot thickens. The WiFi in France, Canada, New South Wales and the Baltic Coast will be red hot tonight Trish
  5. Hi Guys Whether you know it or not you can invoked one of the most important of female emotions known to humanity: CURIOSITY. This is now more about the finding out than the destination of the instrument. I will acquire the necessary expertise and proceed to investigate further. I will take some photographs and maybe I could drip feed the information gleaned to whet the appetites of CNET users. Watch this space
  6. Hi Guys Thank you all for engaging in the debate to identify the date of the 48B Wheatstone. I am attaching pics of the reeds and the location of the serial number. Please advise me if you see anything that would throw some light on the age and authenticity of this concertina. Whatever the outcome of the deliberations I would love to see this instrument continue to be used to bring sweet music to audiences. I would prefer to keep it than see it used for parts. Maybe I will learn the fingering at a later date. Trish
  7. Hi All Thanks for your input. I will send on some photos of the Wheatstone shortly. As I am interested in upgrading my Anglo I would consider an exchange for a 30 Key Anglo. I have been advised that the Wheatstone is worth between £600 and £800. Thanks again for all your advice. Ní neart go chur le chéile. (Strength in numbers) Trish
  8. I have a 48 Key Wheatstone Steel Reed Concertina that you may be interested in. If you are I can send you photographs. I am not familiar with the Wheatstone fingering as I play an Anglo.
  9. Hi All I am a newbie to Concertina.net and I have been playing for two years now. I have learned on an Anglo Stagi and have acquired a vintage 48 key Wheatstone. I could adapt to the Wheatstone fingering but I'd prefer to sell or exchange for an upgrade to an Anglo 30 key of similar quality. Please advise me as I need your expertise. Long live the music and this forum.
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