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  1. Gene was playing this concertina on his front porch when I visited him at his home for the first time! Many fond memories are associated with this instrument and the concertina has much life in it yet to be lived through the next owner. I'd be happy to include what I have that is associated with the concertina. I believe there are some music books as well. There's a simple book about english concertinas and there's a fiddle book that I believe he used to teach himself songs.
  2. I do not know the year when this concertina was made, but according to my memory of what Gene told me, this concertina was around 100 years old when he bought it in 1999. I would rather the instrument be played and enjoyed than to be kept silent in storage. This is the link to the retailer where Gene originally purchased this concertina. http://concertina.co.uk/ *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** 6/13/2015 I did just find Gene's handwritten note in his concertina file which has these numbers on it. Looks like notes from a phone conversation. My belief is that 1890 is the year this instrument was made based on this note. Cryptic as it is here goes: stopped at 8621 Chris Algar 0080 45000 @ 1890 5-fold bowing valves, lever flatwork r hand side flatwork charged BOYD ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* 6/14/2015 I emailed Chris Algar to see if he could make sense of these numbers. He said, "I can’t really make a lot of sense of it. The 45000 could be an approximation of the serial number but I don’t know what it is-you can’t see it on the outside-although it would be on the inside. If it was 45000 it would be more like 1900. It does have 5 fold bellows, and bowing valves. I wonder if the word is “fretwork”-that does have “Boyd” set into the fret. As for the other numbers-they make no obvious sense to me. Sorry! Chris"
  3. Gene was my late husband. He passed in March of 2006.
  4. Rare H Boyd Concertina with case for sale. Purchased in 1999 from Chris Algar of Barleycorn Concertinas. Have handwritten invoices and notes from Chris to Gene. Concertina has metal ends with H Boyd in the metal work on the end. Label says Lechenal & Co, Patent Concertina, Manufacturers, London. 48 metal buttons, metal ends, 5 folds. No professional work done on the concertina since purchase in 1999. Concertina played by Gene, my late husband until 2006. Serial # 45843 pictured. Gene understood it was made in 1890. Kept in case, in heated and airconditioned home. Listed on http://www.ebay.com/itm/191654066174?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 PayPal payment only. See Post #48 for detailed description of instrument by Cnet member Lawrence Reeves.
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