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  1. I have a 30 key C G Lachenal for sale
  2. I have a 30 key Lachenal that I no longer use for sale, it was refurbished by Bill Crossland 4 years ago, new pads valves, new 6 fold bellows it has steel reeds. I am looking for £1200 plus postage.
  3. Hope you picked up the pictures, system is not allowing any more messages to you?? The concertina plays well, but I am not an experienced player, this was bought as my first serious concertina, since then I have upgraded and moved more to the English system.
  4. I have a 46 key McCann that has been fully refurbished
  5. Not sure if my reply came back to you the images are now on, and it is C/G
  6. Hello, did you manage to get sorted, I have a 30 key for sale
  7. Sorry for the confusion these are the correct pictures
  8. Sorry these are the wrong pictures please be patient
  9. Sorry for the additional images not very IT savy there would obviously be some postage details to discuss, I have sent to the states before
  10. I still have a 30 key CG Lachenal for sale, fully refurbished, new bellows pads etc. looking for £1200 bought as my first concertina and I have now up graded Fred
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