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  1. I don't know if you would consider it a Mini duet, but the Concertina Connection Troubadour (Hayden) is 2lbs 5.5oz 6-1/4" across the flats. available from Concertina Connection and Button Box.and possibly others,
  2. You are correct. I rechecked the sources I was reading and I mistakenly assumed that the Booth 1888 Anglo tutor I was reading about referred to the Salvation Army Triumph (Crane) concertina I had read about previously. I'm sorry for the confusion.
  3. Has anyone ever encountered a 35b Crane with the original Salvation Army tuning? If I have read correctly, the pitch was 2 whole steps lower. Was it two steps lower, but otherwise still a=440 or something else? Thanks for any help.
  4. Thanks Mathew. Good suggestion. What do you play on your Crane 35?
  5. Thanks, Jim. I just wrote to them asked what it weighs. Edited May 4, 2020: Received reply: It weighs 2lbs 6.2oz and is 6-5/8" across the flats
  6. Thanks, Jim. That is very helpful to me.
  7. You guys are making the Crane system more and more appealing the farther you go with this.
  8. Mike, Thank you. Very good news. Thanks for checking. Jim
  9. Thank you Daniel, Mike, and Little John. Your information is very helpful.
  10. Is a 35 key Crane duet appreciably smaller and lighter than a 48 key model? If anyone could tell me some specifications of the two I would appreciate it. Also the relative frequency of the 35 key being available for sale in the US. Thank you.
  11. Thank you for the suggestion. I don't think I ever looked at the Crane duet fingerings before today. I was focused solely on the Hayden system. I just did a quick search to see what "reasonable priced" might mean and only came up with two examples, at Home wood music for $3600 and one at The Button Box for $2300. Do you know of any other ones currently available?
  12. Thank you very much. My favorite of yours is Under Paris Skies (Sous le Ciel de Paris). Last night I made a chart that shows the notes of the Wakker, Stagi, Morse, and the three Concertina Connection models all in one place. If anyone would like to see it, I can post it. It was a useful exercise. Wakker and the Stagi match yours. Morse Beaumont has a few more buttons and one fewer (although you get it back enharmonically). The Peacock has fewer. Troubadour fewer yet (and loses the a in the left hand found on the Elise that Ɓukasz Martynowicz has mentioned). The Elise has the fewest. I've heard terrific music played on your Wheatstone, of course, Wakker (Jeff Lefferts), Beaumont (Didie Sendra), Peacock (Steven Arntson), Elise (Daniel Hersh). I'm sure there are wonderful recordings by others but I haven't listened to everything.
  13. Thank you. As someone completely new to concertinas and the duet specifically, I never would have looked as closely at the notes. Is there a link to the "standard" Hayden layout? If it as simple as adding the noted you mentioned, I don't need a chart.
  14. Thank you. When you say that the the Peacock is still sub standard, do you mean it doesn't have enough buttons/pitches or something else?
  15. Thank you John, Good information and wonderful music. I'm sure you have some very happy listeners at your performances.
  16. Thank you Don and Daniel. I very much like the sound of the 46 button Wakker instrument that Jeff Lefferts plays. But the price and waiting time makes this impractical for a first instrument. Nice thought for the future, though. I suppose for a first instrument my choices are Troubadour, Peacock, Beaumont. I have read threads from 2013 about the pluses and minuses of the Peacock and Beaumont. I haven't seen anything about how the Troubadour plays/sounds. The Troubadour and Peacock can be traded in for the Wakker (and I like the possibility of mirrored keyboard but I am confident I could go either way). I like the sound of the SoloDuetConcertina Beaumont (not available with a mirrored keyboard). I have never heard the Peacock or Troubadour played. Are there any recordings? And recordings of anyone playing a mirrored keyboard? Thanks, Jim
  17. I imagine that there has been a discussion of the differences between Concertina vs accordion reeds but the ways that I tried searching didn't find any. I've read lots a comments in various posts about differences but nothing comprehensive. Any links would be appreciated, and any links to sound comparisons would be especially appreciated. I am in the process of purchasing my first concertina (probably Hayden duet but possibly English). It seems that most players much prefer concertina reeds, but are there any reasons to prefer accordion reeds (such as sonority for certain types of music, durability, easier maintenance, etc.) Any help appreciated.
  18. There is an instrument here that might meet your criteria. http://hmi.homewood.net/concertinas/ and couple here. https://buttonbox.com/concertinas-in-stock.html#english and here https://www.libertybellows.com/shop/Concertinas/English-Concertinas.htm and here http://www.smythesaccordioncenter.com/concertinas.html All in the US.
  19. Joshua could you describe and/or show pictures of the extra features that make your Peacock more expensive than a new Standard one from Concertina Connection. Any special features, etc. Thanks, Jim
  20. Here are two reputable dealers in USA who show lower priced anglo concertina's in stock, but not the two you mentioned. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me will comment on the likely quality of the available instruments. http://hmi.homewood.net/concertinas/#/view/ID1495904 http://www.smythesaccordioncenter.com/concertinas.html
  21. Thank you Daniel. I enjoyed listening, especially to Amelia. Plus, there was another benefit for which I thank you. I googled to learn more about Amelia and came upon a youtube video by The Fabulous Glen Echo Open Band, playing Amelia's Waltz in honor of its composer, Bob McQuillen, who had just passed away (2014). The Fabulous Glen Echo Open Band is a Washington DC-area band that meets once a month to accompany a contra dance. (It looks like great fun. All musicians are welcome to sit in.) Sitting in the front row were the band's leaders, including Jim Besser! Googling on, I also learned about the very interesting origins of the tune and found the musical notation in a few different systems here. https://thesession.org/tunes/6939
  22. Thank you Daniel. I listened to the links that still work and I am very impressed with what people can do on the 20-button anglo. If it is easy enough for you to do, it would be nice to hear your contributions to the "contest."
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